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Monday, 17 February 2014

Best Gifts for Kids in 2014 - Know What to Expect, Get the Best Mini Laptops Reviews under $100

Kids are in an average are gadget lovers and they are game freaks. For obvious reason gadgets are the best gift options for them. If you have decided some techy gadgets to gift your kid, mini laptops are one of the best options you can go for. With $100 budget you can expect some reasonably good mini laptops for your gift purpose where you kid can play game, watch movies, as well as can browse web and can work on junior school projects.
Menq Easy PC E790 at $80 and the Cherrypal Africa at $99 are two best options of Mini Laptops under $100. The Cherrypal mini laptop has a small screen which is just 7", same as the Menq. Both the mini laptops come with 40 MHz processor, 256 GB RAM, and 2GB flash memory. Its lithium battery offers4 hours of use. The OS can be either Linux OR Windows CE. 

The Samsung NC10 may look like your generic low cost netbook but this little system really delivers quality and performance far beyond that offered by competitors. The Intel Atom N270 is surprisingly fast and this model comes standard with 1GB or memory that is easily upgradeable to 2 GB's. It includes a 3 in 1 card reader and additional USB ports to accommodate external hard drives or external DVD players.
For consumers who want to for mini laptops under $100, Lanyu from Shenzhen, China is perhaps one of the viable options for them. This mini laptop comes with 266 MHz AK7802Q216 ARM processor, 128 MB of RAM, a 7-inch 700 x 450 TFT LCD display, Wi-Fi, a 1800mAH Li-Ion battery, and  pre-loaded Microsoft's WinCE version 5.0 with 56K modem.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Best Children’s tablet for kids under $110 in 2014

Shopping for tablets especially for kids can be an intricate issue with so many options available in market. However, you can filter your search if you want to keep your choices within/under $110 price range, the options becomes countable. Check here an extensive list of recommended tablets best for kids /within price range of $110 in 2014 market standpoint.

THQ's draw tablet’s latest revision is quite popular now;it has support for the Xbox 360 and PS3.The draw tablet allows kids to play games via its stylus and touch screen. Featuring motion controls, touch input, HD output, and more than two-hundred points of pressure sensitivity, the draw tablet is pretty capable for a kid’s entertainment.
VTech'sInnoTab supports the app approach and has designed it perfectly as kids’ friendly with its 5-inch screen. With interactive e-books, learning games, and a selection of creative apps, the Innate is a great option to buy childrens tablet under $110 price range.

Capable of sync with more than 100 apps, games, and books the Leap Pad is a multipurpose learning tablet perfect for kids. The tablet also has its camera, which kids can use for taking snaps or for making videos. Leapfrog is durable enough, and it is user friendly too.

Netflix-ready, the Nabi's 7-inch screen displays video in 1080p. Although kids are hardly interest about configuration details, most enjoys the tablet's aptitude for playing games, browsing web, and readinge-books. The tablet has "Mommy Mode", which is an advantage of parents to enjoy tablet's features without using the device's parental controls. In order to buy Children’s Tablet under $110 you cannot exclude this one from your check list.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Apps Make Tablets Great for Kids

 WolVol (Blue) Kids Tablet 7 inch touch screen with WIFI

Having a child and not having a tablet at home can be considered quite disadvantageous these days. Every parent wants their kids to do well. A normal laptop or desktop is usually too big a thing to suddenly introduce into a child’s life. It is quite complex too and he will find it more intimidating than interesting. In contrast, a tablet works wonderfully well. Owing to its miniscule dimensions and eye-friendly screen, they are loved by children. They are not complex but have simple tools, games and apps which the kids of a certain age will be able to understand and appreciate. Wolvol cheap tablets for kids are doing really well in the world market. Their ability to conquer a child’s heart can be credited to quite an extent to those wonderful apps which they offer. 

It won’t be wrong to cite that apps make tablets the wonderful products that they are. If it were not for apps, a tablet wouldn’t have enjoyed the kind of reputation it currently enjoys. Apps can be fun and a way to discover new skills. They help to increase the aptitude of a child and in the process gives a great boost to the confidence. Even adults love to discover new things through apps. Besides, children particularly get fascinated by them because such apps are full of fun. They are easy to control and are mostly in the nature of entertainment. 

Wolvol cheap tablets for kids are delightful in looks, features and price. By getting one for your child, you can open up a whole new world for him. 
WolVol (Pink) Kids Tablet 7 inch touch screen with WIFI

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Android Tablets: Tablet PC Touchscreens, Capacitive Or Resistive?

 WolVol BLUE 16GB Internet Tablet Android 4.2, 7 inch

Having a PC is a dream for many young children. But parents, in general, are strict about such things. Technology can be really harmful when it wants to be. One has to always stay on guard, lest a vulnerable young child falls prey to its unfriendly side. Wolvol kids tablet, hence, emerges as a gadget which has the potential to become a global bestseller. It is safe from most accounts. It comes with parental lock system so that the concerned mothers and fathers can monitor the children’s activities. 

It is a touch screen device which uses the now-famous capacitive technology. This technology makes it possible to use the gadget by mere touch. One does not have to bother with a mouse and a mouse pad. In any case, it would have been too much trouble for children to learn to control the keys of a mouse. Since, Wolvol kids tablet uses capacitive technology; its interface is fully touch screen and enables easy operation. 

Kids’ tablets are becoming very popular these days. They are excellent tools which help the young ones learn new things without letting them fall a prey to technology. They do not come with any negative side as such, except for the fact that they may get addictive after a point of time. After all, children of today do find gadgets fascinating. So, the onus lies on the parents to maintain a strict timing for use of such tablets. 

Nevertheless, the user-friendly touch screen Wolvol kids tablet offers a world of learning games, educational apps and fun tools. Overall, they are designed to improve the IQ of an average child. 
WolVol BLACK 16GB Internet Tablet Android 4.2, 7 inch

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How can I Choose the Best Tablet for kids?

 WolVol (Blue) Kids Tablet 7 inch touch screen with WIFI

Choosing a tablet (or any gadget) for a kid entails certain responsibilities which must not be evaded. As a parent, it is your responsibility that you are handing something which is safe so that a novice young mind does not get corrupted or does not accidentally bump into adult content. Hence, when you are choosing a tablet for your child, do not buy a tablet which does not have an in-built parental control system. 

Wolvol tablet for kids deserves special mention in this context. These tablets are marketed under the label of ‘kids tablet’ to clearly make a statement that they are not meant for adult use but have been manufactured with the sole purpose to entertain and educate children. So, it goes without saying that the manufacturers have taken safety factors into account while designing the gadget. It has parental control feature. Using this feature, the parents can restrict access to adult sites. Hence, sites which require a person to be of a certain age (usually 18) will not get loaded even if your child bumps into them accidentally. 

While choosing the best tablet, you will also have to keep the aspect of physical safety in mind. If your child is impish and irresponsible, you must never hand him any gizmo which has a fragile or vulnerable body. Your child will shatter it into pieces in no time. Hence, the Wolvol tablet for kids are designed with hard bodies which are virtually unbreakable and do not get damaged even if thrown on the concrete floor. 

For the kids, the best tablets should contain exciting apps, games and features which are suitable to their age. It will be good if you can secure such a tablet which also has in-built educational games, check out more @ WolvolNetbook
WolVol (Pink) Kids Tablet 7 inch touch screen with WIFI