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Friday, 16 March 2012

Gift a Mini Laptop to Your Child Today

As parents, we are met with countless demands of kids especially on their birthdays. Video games, gaming consoles & PS make quite frequent an appearance on their wish list. Instead of giving in to these demands, a better idea would be to gift them with a kid’s computer. The catch with these computers is that they help to keep your child busy & at the same time act as a tool of education. Now they can do their homework & assignments as well as projects on their very own laptops! Trust me, they would feel pretty great about it.

Kids’ laptops are easily available online & you can buy a cheap one anytime. The requirements are not much in a kids computer. While there are many key features like video players, calculators & educational apps, you can also look for ones that come with Word processors & other hi-end features. The extremely basic laptops for kids come with nothing but educational games & the like. These are ideal for kids in the age of 5-10. They are mostly attractive to look at but once your child grows you’d find no more use of it. so it’s better if your buy your teenaged kid a cheap laptop with all the basic Wi-Fi, DVD drive etc facilities so that they can make proper use of it for years to come. 

Even when buying a laptop for your kid, there are certain features you should look for. First of course get a laptop with good processing power i.e. a minimum of 1GHz is essential. Likewise graphics card is also required since most kids use their laptops for playing hi-resolution games. The operating system should also provide an easy interface for the child. I recommend gifting them a laptop with Linux installed as Linux is known as a powerful OS once the user gets the hang of it. But if they have been using your desktop then perhaps Windows is also a good choice. 

Check the weight of the mini laptops you want to buy. Something too heavy will not suit kids as they would still like to carry it around to their schools irrespective of the pain it may cause to their shoulders. If you buy a cheap laptop without the DVD drive et all then it’d be more affordable & at the same time lightweight! So stop looking for great gift ideas for your child’s birthday & buy them a kid’s laptop today at wolvol.com that houses cheap & attractive designs for all kinds of laptops.

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