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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Cheap tablets for kids: Buy the right gadget for your naïve children

Children are naïve, innocent and harmless little things. It is not right to give them access to gadgets which are not quite meant for their age. Most parents do not think twice before allowing them to spend hours before their laptops. Even though, a child needs technological knowledge, he must not be let alone in this ugly virtual world of websites. He must be safeguarded from the evil predators which prowl these areas.

There are tablets which are now being designed for the children community. These bring down the level of vulnerability since they have powerful filtering features and are also equipped with parental locking systems. These are cheap tablets for kids which offer them every facility without compromising on the safety. Parents must invest in such gizmos for various other reasons as well. They are not only safer and securer, but they are meant to suit the age of young children.

cheap tablets for kids

They have tools, games and apps which will interest a child more than they would interest an adult. And there are many games which offer education and learning as well. At the end of the day, these cheap tablets for kids are being sold in higher numbers. The popularity of these kid-friendly gadgets is on the rise. They are new-age gizmos and are filled with the latest operating system and come with great storage capacities and memory features.

Such a tablet is the right thing which every parent should give his child. It is tailored for the need of the children and will help them throughout their academic life. They are one-time expenses but they will be used as long-term assets till the child grows up into adulthood. 

Android netbook versus iPad: A quick comparison

If you are in a fix over whether to buy an Android netbook or whether to bring home an iPad, then here is a quick comparison for you.

Android netbook

i.                Difference in Operating System: These days, users are very concerned about the kind of OS which is being used in a gadget. In this case, there is no debate as to which device has an edge. While an iPad has good OS, it is still no match for the Android technology which is run on your netbooks. Android has become the firm favorite with the gizmo lovers across the world. It has some really lovely games and countless apps which can kill your time like anything. And these apps are not just entertaining but they are also very friendly and useful.

ii.                  Portability: Users these days want to carry their gadgets wherever they go. So, if you are one of those persons, then it would be right of you to invest in a netbook. Netbooks are smaller in size and are lighter in weight. An iPad, even though it is lighter and smaller than a laptop, will be no match for a netbook. You can opt for the iPad mini which has become the latest talk of the town. But if you are obsessed with the Android technology, then you should bring home an Android netbook without second thoughts.

Price: Price is another major factor which decides things these days. If you are price-sensitive, then it would make sense to invest in Android netbook which is cheaper than an iPad. 

Android computer: What makes it such a coveted gizmo?

An Android computer has become a very coveted gizmo these days. Everywhere you look about; you will find that most people have it on their wish list. It is needless to say that a computer has become a necessity these days. Gone are the days when you would find a computer only in few selected homes. Now, every home is bound to have a computer- be it a desktop or a laptop.

Android computer

Besides, if you search the pockets of today’s young generation, you shall discover that most of them carry Android mobiles. Android technology has come up with special surprises and its apps are so addictive and innovative that its popularity has touched the sky. So, if the gadget lovers can have a gadget which is the combination of computer and Android then they would spill out their whole wallet just to lay their hands on it.
An Android computer is exactly such a thing. It is primarily a computer. But instead of Windows, it uses Android as its OS. As we have seen with the mobile phone companies, the ones who are sticking to Windows are losing their market fast. The world is going gaga about Android. And so it is no surprise that this technology is also eating up into the space of computers.

An Android computer can come in different sizes. But you may like to buy the ones which are medium or smaller in size. They are not only perfect for your kids but they also offer you greater mobility and lesser prices.