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Monday, 18 March 2013

Selection of learning games for kids should be based on the child’s interests and abilities

Learning games for kids not only let children have fun but also impart knowledge in a subtle way. Nowadays a plethora of educational games for kids is available in the market and it is easy for the parent to succumb to the temptation of picking up whichever ones look the most attractive. But, educational toys should not be picked up at random since they influence the child’s mind and help enhance or detract his ability to learn. If selected intelligently, learning games for kids can definitely improve your child’s learning abilities.

All learning games for kids have different levels and different rules based on the child’s age. The games should be chosen such that the child has an entertaining time while playing with them and yet is learning something. Ideally, parents should ensure that the learning games for kids which they have chosen are not very hard for his level of ability and yet it is not so easy that he will soon tire of it. Both extremes will lead to frustration and disinterest. The type of learning games for kids which will suit your child the best depends a lot on his temperament also. For instance, if your child is not the type to learn pages and pages of rules, then, no matter how instructive the game might be, he will not even begin to learn it. In such a case, you have to check whether the rules can be simplified or else, it is best to settle for something less lengthy.

You can get the best out of learning games for kids if you select them on the basis of your child’s interests and capabilities. 


  1. Thank you so much for such a informative post! I do agree with you that selection of games must be based on children interest and ability. It will help in developing their mind and interest.

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