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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How can I Choose the Best Tablet for kids?

 WolVol (Blue) Kids Tablet 7 inch touch screen with WIFI

Choosing a tablet (or any gadget) for a kid entails certain responsibilities which must not be evaded. As a parent, it is your responsibility that you are handing something which is safe so that a novice young mind does not get corrupted or does not accidentally bump into adult content. Hence, when you are choosing a tablet for your child, do not buy a tablet which does not have an in-built parental control system. 

Wolvol tablet for kids deserves special mention in this context. These tablets are marketed under the label of ‘kids tablet’ to clearly make a statement that they are not meant for adult use but have been manufactured with the sole purpose to entertain and educate children. So, it goes without saying that the manufacturers have taken safety factors into account while designing the gadget. It has parental control feature. Using this feature, the parents can restrict access to adult sites. Hence, sites which require a person to be of a certain age (usually 18) will not get loaded even if your child bumps into them accidentally. 

While choosing the best tablet, you will also have to keep the aspect of physical safety in mind. If your child is impish and irresponsible, you must never hand him any gizmo which has a fragile or vulnerable body. Your child will shatter it into pieces in no time. Hence, the Wolvol tablet for kids are designed with hard bodies which are virtually unbreakable and do not get damaged even if thrown on the concrete floor. 

For the kids, the best tablets should contain exciting apps, games and features which are suitable to their age. It will be good if you can secure such a tablet which also has in-built educational games, check out more @ WolvolNetbook
WolVol (Pink) Kids Tablet 7 inch touch screen with WIFI

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Control Your Windows Computer Remotely Using Your Android Netbook

 WolVol PINK 16GB Internet Tablet Android 4.2, 7 inch

Some people favor a conventional computer while some are more comfortable using a netbook. There are pros and cons to both. While a conventional PC will help you do more work since it is more productive and has higher features, a netbook is user-friendly and lighter and convenient. You may simply roll over the bed with a Wolvol Netbook Android and start playing games or surfing the net at a posture you like. So, a number of people these days own both kinds of computers. 

Now, owing to the need of the current users, technology is tossing up options wherein you can use your Android netbook to control your windows computer remotely. This technique is allowing more and more people to get more use out of their twin devices. For instance, if you have loaded a game on your Windows computer, you can connect it remotely to your Netbook and play it on the smaller device. Isn’t that interesting? 

For someone who loves to play games, this feature can be a blessing since it allows him more flexibility in movement and place. 

Also, by connecting your Windows computer remotely with your Wolvol Netbook Android, you can access files stored in one computer from another computer. This connection can be established even between computers at office and home. So, it does solve a number of problems for office-goers who often forget to take some files to offices or to home. 

One has to install special remote software to enjoy the feature. You may also take the help of a friend or a professional to connect the computer remotely to your netbook .
WolVol BLUE 16GB Internet Tablet Android 4.2, 7 inch

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Get education with safety with a Wolvol kids computer

Handing a computer to a naïve child does not sound a very appealing idea. Any parent would make a furrowed face at the suggestion. With so much adult content and non-veg jokes being circulated these days, kids are getting more and more exposed to indecent stuff. Besides, if the child gets carried away by the lure of internet, then there is this danger of losing out on the priorities of life. Net-addiction is bad but so is net-ignorance. So, a safe way out is to bring home a Wolvol kids computer. This device has been made for the children and exclusively for the children. 

Keeping all the risk factors in mind, this computer allows children to only access sites which are safe. Parental control features allow you to regulate the kind of content your child is accessing. Besides, a kids computer is something which always comes with in-built games and apps that are extremely helpful for young minds. If your child can find entertainment in the form of educational games, then it will be like killing two birds with a single stone. 

A Wolvol kids computer can be bought through online purchase. Super fast shipping ensures that you can get your gadget in just a few hours. The computer, being a brainchild of technology, has some seriously exciting stuff in store. Since it incorporates education with safety, it is also being considered as the next big thing. 

It is relatively inexpensive and can make for an excellent gift to your child’s upcoming birthday. Besides, winter is round the corner as well. So, make sure that your child has a happy Christmas.  

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Add style and luxury to your life with Wolvol mini computer

Computers, just like mobile phones, are going through a phase where sizes and shapes are getting rediscovered. So if you have spent all your life knowing a computer as a giant monitor which is either immovable or requires quite some effort to carry it across, then it is time to look beyond the desktops and the laptops. Wolvol mini computer is here to sweep you off your feet and add that dash of style and luxury to your life. 

Mini computer by Wolvol packs in charisma and convenience in one single gadget. It is a smaller version of your normal computer. Using this magical gadget, pretty soon you would get accustomed to taking your computer at all the places. Sure, a laptop is too heavy to be taken along every time you slip out of the house. But Wolvol mini computer is lighter and skinnier. It is high on portability quotient and low on the price pinch. It is also available in some bright colors, thereby adding that zing factor to your life. It’s a great way to make those friends of yours burn in envy. 

In order to buy a Wolvol mini computer, you will not be required to dig up a gold mine. The gadget is priced at a low cost and is designed for mass use. So, it is also a perfect thing for someone who is fresh out of college or for someone who has just entered the college. Plus, its low cost also makes it a great gift you can present to any member in your family. 

Friday, 1 November 2013

3 special advantages that come with Wolvol Android tablet

Having an Android tablet can be one of the best things which can happen to you. Such a gadget can really lift your reputation in the society to astronomic heights. Plus, do not forget that a tablet is giving the laptops a run for their money. So, not having one can be a major loss. 

With a Wolvol Android tablet, you can get a great gadget without having to let any major money slip off your fingers. This tablet is for the masses and so is priced at very reasonable cost.

Here are the 3 special advantages you get from a Wolvol Android tablet:

1.      Highly portable: This tablet is really low in weight. It is not only small in size but it is also ultra thin. The twin combination of thinness and smallness makes this device one of the most portable electronic devices to be invented by man. And mind it, this is not a cell phone or a walkie-talkie. It is a computer which you can carry like a phone. 

2.      Multiple uses: Wolvol Android tablet offers you many uses. It can be used to play games and to watch movies and to do anything else which you would normally do on your computer. Saving notes and jotting down information are extremely convenient. 

3.      Affordable: If you thought that such a grand thing would be priced only for the millionaires, then you need to think again. Wolvol Android tablet is lowly priced and is affordable by one and all.