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Friday, 16 March 2012

Laptops & Tablets : an Increasing Necessity

For any good businessman staying updated is a key to grabbing success. No matter where you are, if you wish to succeed in your field, you need to stay updated on every development & change in it. to be taken as someone reputed & a person of importance you should always have every news & updates on your fingertips. And how would you that? Of course by staying connected with your network 24X7! What about your business tours & stays abroad? As much as one earns international calls are not a very ideal or even secure way to stay updates. You need security & also prompt alerts & nothing better than the internet can provide you with the same. Hence laptops are a must have device for everyone who wishes to succeed in this era. And the latest device to hit this era is the Android netbook which makes the laptop like a bulky headache!

Instead of buying just about any Android netbook opt for a good tablet device with the best operating system you can get. Be it an Apple iPad or Google’s Nexus, tablets are here to stay & the sooner you get one for yourself the better. Android is the smartest OS around and no matter what Apple fans tell you, Android shall always stay ahead with it’s open license & the plethora of options it provides to developers.  But before you pick a tablet PC, here is what you need to know about them first.

Tablet PCs are nothing but smaller laptops with the ease of portability & reduced paraphernalia attached. You won’t have mice, keyboards etc attached are these are provided by a touch-sensitive input interface. These small tablet PCs-hence the name, are easy to carry around & possess most of the features of a normal laptop. Apart from the optical drive & larger displays Android tablets lack nothing that could hinder your accessibility & computing powers. Most of these new age tablets boast of 800MHz to 1GHz of processing power. Voice & face recognition softwares, hi-end features like video conferencing & Wi-Fi connectivity make these tablets a very handy device to have.

The only problem with these tablets also called cheap netbook is that one need to get used to the smaller displays to be able to fully utilize the devices. Once a user is habituated to these touch-sensitive displays, they can easily navigate around & install and use as many apps on their tablets. The best thing about Android tablets is that you can visit the Android store & get any app that you desire. There are many applications designed & distributed by developers for free, that will help enrich your business needs & make your life easier. If you are not very sure about handling a tablet PC yet, its recommended you buy a cheap tablet first to get habituated to it. Visit Wolvol.com today to pick a cheap netbook & get used to the world of Android.

Kids Laptop: The New Trend for Fun and Education

Times have changed and technology has advanced, so have all the companies. Laptops which were used mainly for doing office work earlier are now used to play games, watch movies and have fun. This has brought in the concept of kids laptop. These laptops are specially designed for kids to make computing fun. They can not only watch cartoons and play games but can also get involved in it with their education and studies. These laptops support internet connectivity too and can help the child have fun and learn at the same time. The major brands which make specialized versions of the regular laptop also known as kids laptop are: HCL, Acer, Lenovo, Dell etc. These laptops generally cost much lower than what the regular laptops cost and are generally available at a very nominal price range. Apart from regular educational stuff, these laptops can make a child learn much more about computers at a very young age.

The games and other educational content designed for these laptops are made especially by experts so as to help in improving the IQ and the memory of kids. kids laptop is something which is available in the market easily these days. One can go to the market and choose his/her favorite design and color and select a laptop. One of the main features of this laptop is that they come equipped with well-designed security software, to keep the child safe over the internet from the content which he/she is not intended to see. Apart from just playing games or watching movies it can also be used to play songs and rhymes, tell bed time stories and do a lot more. All these laptops are equipped with a cute little mouse, a nice keyboard and a well-lit LCD display to attract the kids. Also most of these laptops have built in rechargeable batteries with a backup of generally two hours. Such laptops generally weigh below one kilogram keeping in mind the customer i.e. the child for whom this laptop is being made. These days most preschool teachers suggest parents to buy such laptop for their kids to help them learn and have fun too.

An ideal gift idea for your kid would thus be a laptop meant especially for them. As these cheap laptops are equipped with almost all the features of a full-fledged one, your kid will have no problem in doing their school projects or homework on it. Of course using internet is something different & requires controlled parental supervision. Wolvol.com offers a wide range of kids computers at very nominal prices. With attractive colors & designs these cheap laptops will surely be a delight for your kid & also help them learn while they have fun! So log in today & checkout the exciting collection of kids computers online. 

Advancement in Technology From EANIC to 7” Computers

Technology is developing raidly, every few years we see a new concept evolving. When the first computer, EANIC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was developed in 1946 by Charles Babbage, no one had thought that the computer which is occupying a whole room and requires coolants for controlling temperature may be so developed and compacted such that it’d be one day available to each and every one. The development in computer technology has taken beyond the imagination of its core developers. All this development and advancement has led to the birth of 7” computer. The most common name given to this category of computers is tablet. 

These 7” computers tablets are named so because their display is of  7” computer. It is fully touch based and sensitive and mainly is of capacitive components. This technology is very new in the market & yet has gained much popularity. This 7” computer or tablets are having the latest Google operating system Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) version. The most common variant of this  product is usually around 7” in length, 4.6” in breadth and 0.5” in height. The internal memory and RAM of the tablet varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Mostly the most common combination is 1 GB RAM and 8 GB integrated memory or 512 MB RAM and 4 GB inbuilt memory. As it is a portable PC, battery also plays a significant role in the tablet. The battery backup varies from 4.5-5.0 hours. It has both back and front cameras. It supports wireless connectivity and also boasts of having Bluetooth 3.2 version. 

The main advantage of these Android tablets is that it is portable and a user can use its features anytime along the way. It enables to support internet through travelling, supports file sharing, also supports e-book reader and most importantly it can playback audio and videos which can be experienced with a 3.5 mm headphone. Regarding tablet or 7” computer it can be said that the technology is its best. There are no consumer complaints in the market regarding these Android netbook. The main reason which is a barrier between tablets and consumers is its high cost which is not supporting the consumers to get in touch with this new generation computers,

This solved by Wolvol.com-the place where you can get the perfect computing device for your needs at an affordable price. Starting from as low $180 & with all the requisite features like Wi-Fi connectivity & the latest Android OS, these cheap Android netbook or tablets are a delight for everyone!

Netbooks & What You Should Look for in One

An excellent gift idea is giving someone a handy lightweight & good netbook computer. These latest devices flooding the market come with improved features that make it extremely user-friendly & at the same time a great computing device. Now at a lesser price you can get the same functionality & performance as from a laptop. Mini laptops have been designed to be more cost effective & optimized to provide you with greater portability. Of course in the bargain some features of a fully fledged laptop are lost but then it still comes off as a great trade-off.
A netbook computer has all the essential features any professional would need. With these you can edit your spreadsheets, word documents & even access your PDF files. Any instant changes you want to make is now possible no matter where you are. What’s more is you can even complete your seminar & presentations topics en route office! All those long tiring business trips will no longer sound boring If you own a mini laptop. You can easily carry it with you & access your files right there. 

All work & no play would make anyone dull. But armed with your netbook you don’t have to worry about your entertainment interests. With excellent displays & good resolution you can watch movies & music videos on your mini laptops. So if you have a colleague or a best friend who you feel is too burdened carrying around a bulky laptop everyday, gift them a netbook this birthday. It is cheaper & will be a much happily accepted gift than anything else. A laptop loaded with your favourite pictures together will also make an excellent choice for a gift to your beloved on their birthday or your anniversary.

If you are bored of the boring black & grey laptops then just log in to Wolvol.com where you will find an exciting range of colourful laptops & netbooks. These come with the latest Android OS & are feature packed with Wi-Fi accessibility as well as USB ports. The prices are amazing & great discounts are offered. So for a cool green mini laptop or a sexy red one, you don’t have to look any further. Try Wolvol.com for the best services. They ship their products instantly & offer free home delivery along with proper guarantee of the products sod. What more could one ask for?

Welcome to The World of Android Tablets

Are you a professional always on the go & with little time at hand? Are you always on a flight or in a conference? Are designing PPTs & conducting meetings all you do? And is Apple iPad too costly for you? Then welcome to the world of Android tablets-a device that can suit your needs & cater to your whims & fancies 9in a flash. It can help you be a professional at work & have fun when you are bored. Loaded with games & apps that you can’t even imagine, Android is the key to all your problems! 

For all those who are new to the world of these 7” computers, here is an intro about tablets. These are the new generation computers. These shall be your very own PDAs that not only compute but also perform multiple functions on your command. These hand-held devices come with a stylus or a virtual keypad that let you navigate through the various options available. With these tablets you can literally stay connected 24X7 or at least until your battery stays alive!

If you are a professional, you must get one of these. With PDF, EXCEL. WORD compatibility tablets have become a handy guide to designing the perfect presentation & managing all your documents. Now you don’t have to carry a bulky laptop bag whenever you board a flight for your tablet will be good enough for everything you need. Create PowerPoint presentations to entice your clients, send important documents to your office & even print them directly from your tablet with just a few clicks. An Android tablet gives you the freedom & power to do all you wanted with your time. With these wonderful devices you no longer have to visit you office on weekends any more! Just click & send the files to you boss. Or have a conference? No problem, the 3G connectivity lets you attend video calls & stay connected seamlessly. So you can be vacationing in Hawaii & still be able to finalize a business deal. It’s a win-win situation with a great tablet.

Now where to buy this wonder device you ask? Just log in to Wolvol.com & find yourself a great tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity, USB ports & lots more attractive features. Upgrade to the latest Android version & download thousands of apps on the Android online store. With Android you can always do more with your time! So buy one today from Wolvol.com where you will get the best tablets at the best prices. 

Cheap NetBooks & Why You Should Get One

The very first computers that the world saw occupied an entire room! Huge cooling requirements & power supply was needed for these first generation computers. Thankfully with the evolution of new technology like silicon chips & integrated circuits, small is considered more powerful. First came desktops that were easily affordable & soon every household had one to boast of. Then came the laptops-computing devices that you could carry around where you go. And now we have an even better & lightweight option-netbooks computers & tablets. Equipped with all the functionalities of a laptop, these 7” computers are taking over the IT world by storm. Light in weight as compared to a fully fledged laptop, these mini computers are rapidly becoming a preferred choice amongst professionals & students.

So why should you choose a netbook over a good old sturdy desktop? Of course first is the portability factor. Many of our cities have free Wi-Fi hubs that allow free browsing in cafés, airports etc. Also a large number of institutions prefer having an online library & have their own LANs that allow students to stay connected as well as help them in their educational researches. To avail the maximum benefits of the internet & stay connected and updated always, one needs access to these hubs. A mini computer with Wi-Fi connectivity is thus the best choice for students. Even professionals who need to check emails & prepare presentations find a 7” computer handier to use than carrying around a bulky laptop. 

Before you venture out & buy yourself just any cheap netbooks, there are some things about them that you need to know. A netbook is not a laptop. As such you will invariably find it wanting in some features. The battery backup may not be as good as any laptop. However you can improvise by buying a netbook that has more cells in it to ensure more battery life. The display of a netbook is also of your concern. Getting a too small display will mean the same as having a normal smart phone. You will be frowning & regretting in no time. Smaller displays mean that the user will never be comfortable working on the device. When it comes to internet connectivity too the pages will take longer time to download & may not even display well. of what use will you have of a cheap netbook if the important functionalities are missing, right?

So log in today at wolvol.com to find a range of exciting new designs in mini laptops & netbooks. With proper functionality & assured quality, Wolvol.com is a great choice for buying laptops onoline.

Why Android Tablets Rule the Market

Google’s Android Os has taken the market by storm & left no room for competition. Tablets became popular with Apple Inc launching their iPads. But with their higher cost iPads remain a coveted device & on the wish list of many ordinary consumers. Hence with the launch of Android tablets a new era began. Now all & sundry could hold a smart device & avail its benefits. But with that the competition increased among mobile phone & tablet manufacturers & now there is a strong market for these tablets. For an ordinary buyer it will be a very tough decision to pick any tablet given the number of choices offered. There are so many factors to take into account when gifting or buying an Android computer. However here we shall discuss the essential ones that will help you buy a cheap & yet good quality tablet.

The screen size matters a lot. Never adjust with a small screen if you are having trouble reading from the device. Most Android tablets come with 5-10” screens. The wider the screen is the costlier it is yet the more clarity you get the better is the usage. So settle for a screen size that you are comfortable with. Today most devices are touch-input i.e. they are either resistive or capacitive screens. While there isn’t much of a difference in their prices, it depends on the user to pick one from the other depending on their comfort level. However always opt for a multi-touch screen that allows you to zoom in to pictures as well web pages in small font. When picking a resistive touch screen phone always check for a stylus-holder. A stylus is a good idea when you are using a resistive screen.

We buy smart phones & tablets with the sole purpose of multitasking. Hence it’s important to have a good user interface in the tablet that shows all the apps running in the background & lets you pick any at a single touch. So select a good Android tablet which has an easy to use panel for better navigation. Coming to networks, a good tablet with 3G connectivity is always a good idea. With 3G you can make video calls & have faster data connectivity. As such ensure that your tablet has a front & a rear camera. The front camera maybe of low resolution say 1MP but te rear cameras usually come with 3.2-5MP. For a smart phone or a Android computer that should be enough. For anything higher you can always buy a digital camera! 

So log in today at Wolvol.com & pick a tablet of your choice!  With their attractive designs & affordable prices you’ll never be disappointed. 

Gift a Mini Laptop to Your Child Today

As parents, we are met with countless demands of kids especially on their birthdays. Video games, gaming consoles & PS make quite frequent an appearance on their wish list. Instead of giving in to these demands, a better idea would be to gift them with a kid’s computer. The catch with these computers is that they help to keep your child busy & at the same time act as a tool of education. Now they can do their homework & assignments as well as projects on their very own laptops! Trust me, they would feel pretty great about it.

Kids’ laptops are easily available online & you can buy a cheap one anytime. The requirements are not much in a kids computer. While there are many key features like video players, calculators & educational apps, you can also look for ones that come with Word processors & other hi-end features. The extremely basic laptops for kids come with nothing but educational games & the like. These are ideal for kids in the age of 5-10. They are mostly attractive to look at but once your child grows you’d find no more use of it. so it’s better if your buy your teenaged kid a cheap laptop with all the basic Wi-Fi, DVD drive etc facilities so that they can make proper use of it for years to come. 

Even when buying a laptop for your kid, there are certain features you should look for. First of course get a laptop with good processing power i.e. a minimum of 1GHz is essential. Likewise graphics card is also required since most kids use their laptops for playing hi-resolution games. The operating system should also provide an easy interface for the child. I recommend gifting them a laptop with Linux installed as Linux is known as a powerful OS once the user gets the hang of it. But if they have been using your desktop then perhaps Windows is also a good choice. 

Check the weight of the mini laptops you want to buy. Something too heavy will not suit kids as they would still like to carry it around to their schools irrespective of the pain it may cause to their shoulders. If you buy a cheap laptop without the DVD drive et all then it’d be more affordable & at the same time lightweight! So stop looking for great gift ideas for your child’s birthday & buy them a kid’s laptop today at wolvol.com that houses cheap & attractive designs for all kinds of laptops.

Why Opt for Android Computers?

The buzz word in today’s technology driven era is Android. Everyone seems to be either commenting on it or complementing this new OS. Android is a simple & easy to use, very flexible operating system mostly based on Linux & Java that is used in most of the smart phones & tablets we see today. Android computers are the rulers of the market & whether you are tech-savvy or a naïve user, you’d find android very easy to use indeed. The catch with Android is the immense amount of flexibility one gets with the apps. Applications to run on Android devices can be developed by any average programmer & once it’s tested & verified these apps can be easily downloaded from online stores & used on your Android tablet or phone. There is an app for everything under the sun. need to keep track of your meetings? Need an app to edit your pictures…check weather etc, you name it & suer enough someone would have developed it already!

Enough said about the pros of Android. Now coming to the Android tablets & their functionalities; like most computing devices there are many factors that build a good tablet PC. One needs to know of the processing power, memory & OS before they buy any tablet be it an Android Computers or a Windows based one. While a 1GHz processor is ideal, most tablets give 600 MHz processing capabilities. While this is okay for normal use, for heavy use one needs higher processing or else they will experience a slower system.  And if you are looking for cheaper option then Linux will serve as a better OS than opting for an expensive Windows license. However this totally depends on what kind of user you are. For naïve users Windows is always a preferred choice. The RAM of the computer should be somewhere between 512MB to 1GB, the later being better if you wish to use a lot of apps & still have a faster system.

3G enabled tablets are a better choice if you want to stay connected always. However going for a cheaper, only Wi-Fi enabled Android netbook or tablets is also great if your area has a lot of hubs. For students an Android computer with Wi-Fi connectivity is advisable as most colleges & schools have their own LANs. Also the kind of screen you pick depends on yourself-capacitive screens are more common while some use resistive screens. There’s not much difference in prices of these Android tablets based on screens, it’s only a matter of comfort.

To buy cheap netbooks online log in to wolvol.com today & check their huge collection.

When Buying a Good Mini Laptop

A laptop is the need of the day, whether you are a working professional, a housewife or a student. Laptops provide improved accessibility & connectivity and the freedom to stay prepared no matter where you are. While many prefer smart phones to stay connected, no one can argue with the functional advantages offered by a laptop. But laptops are costlier & bulky devices making it cumbersome to carry around everyday. For greater portability mini netbooks have been found to be a better & more cost effective option. A notebook computer as its called is the new generation device that offers lightweight “carry around on the go” option to users. The compact technology of netbooks make them easier to use & also have simplified functionalities.

Netbooks are mostly preferred by students who do not wish to carry around heavy laptops in campus.  With these mini laptops they can still use the most basic functions while being able to carry the device easily. Most of these mini netbook come with Wi-Fi accessibility helping students stay connected online in their campus & libraries. USB & Ethernet ports are also available in these. While some may lack DVD drives one can easily buy an external one if they require the use of DVDs/Blue-rays. But other than that mini laptops are stacked with all the essential features that any student would require. 

If you are wondering what else you’d need to check in a mini netbooks, here’s the list:
·         OS: the operating system is the interface that allows you to talk with your computer. All the applications you use depend on the type of OS you use. While students prefer the Linux OS for its versatility naïve users would like to have the good old trusted Windows OS. So before you buy a notebook computer either check if it’s got the OS you are comfortable with or ask the vendor to load the same.

·         Memory: this is the second most important thing to look out for. Check the memory both primary i.e. RAM & the hard disk size before you buy a netbook. The RAM maybe of 1-2GB while the HD can be extended to suit your needs. You can always attach an external hard disk of 500GB/1TB.

·         Battery backup: Of what use will a mini laptops be if it runs out of battery in a few hours? Most of the 3-4 celled netbooks face this issue so try & choose one with 6 cells. However if you are okay with carrying around the charger & mostly take your laptop to school, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are looking for durable & affordable notebook computers, checkout wolvol.com for some great offers & excellent designs. Log in today & see their great collection.