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Sunday, 30 June 2013

3 gadgets that you must beg your father to buy for you

If you are a kid and have a generous father, then it is time that you get some advantage out of him! Go, pester him to buy you some new-age gadgets which are making a child’s life very exciting and interesting! Life can often appear incomplete without these flashy devices. They are cool-looking and can make you appear stylish! At the same time, they can help you stay connected round the clock! If your father protests, then just point out the various educational benefits and he is likely to melt in delight.

Here are 3 gadgets which can make your life beautiful:

i.                    Mini netbook: Having a mini netbook can be quite a wonderful thing. It will make you a natural cynosure amongst your social peers and would enable you to access your social profiles anytime and every time. Plus, it is feather-light and you can carry it to your school, or to the garden or to your pal’s home! It is not much costly. Hence, your father should be able to afford it (if that’s what is bugging you)!

ii.                  Kids iPad: You may also cajole your dad to give you an iPad. Being a father that he is, he would naturally raise objections and point at the harmfulness of such tech gadgets. But you can argue back citing that a kids iPad is safer, securer and can help you with your studies.

iii.                Mini laptops: If your father is really generous, almost magnanimous, and is in a charitable mood, then you may be lucky enough to wheedle out a laptop from him. Mini laptops are well-designed, colorful, useful and a must-thing to have for every teenager and tweenager! 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cheap laptops- all the tips you need to buy one

There is no need to go over budget if you are searching for the perfect computer. If you are not too keen to buy a desktop computer, you should buy a laptop. The biggest advantage of having a laptop is the portability. You can carry your laptop around with you and there is less fuss of wires and the like. All you need is your laptop charger and you are good to go. Some of these laptops are very expensive because they come fitted out with the highest possible technology and other gadgets. But if you are a newcomer to laptops, you should begin with a basic model that is moderately priced.

Cheap laptops are available by the dozen, but the important thing is to find a quality laptop that is also cheap. There is no point buying a low quality cheap laptop, which will stop working in 3 months. It is better to spend some extra cash and buy a good quality laptop at a reasonable price than to buy a very cheap laptop that wont even last a year. 

There are various ways you can be smart and manage to score a cheap laptop that is not actually cheap. The first thing is to find a manufacturer that will give you a good deal. Some manufacturers offer you a discount or extended warranty if you pay the entire amount in cash at once. Some manufacturers offer great discounts on season old models. This is a great deal because there wont be much difference between a new and a season old laptop. You should also keep your eye out for festival discounts like at Christmas you will usually find some offer given by the manufacturer. Try and shop with these things in mind and you will definitely be able to get a cheap laptop.

Netbook android- everything you need to know

A netbook is like a laptop with certain differences. The most basic difference between a laptop and a netbook is that the netbook is much smaller than a laptop. A netbook on average has an 8 to 10 inch screen and depending on the model it has a keypad. Some netbooks have virtual keypads. If you are not comfortable using the virtual keypad, you can buy a physical keypad and connect it via a USB cord or via Bluetooth. Netbooks have built in cameras and are wifi enabled. 

They are lightweight and portable. A netbook is ideal for when you are traveling as it is compact and can be slipped into your briefcase or purse easily. So, if you are a professional who is constantly on the move, invest in a netbook android. It is easy on the pocket and provides you with the best experience in gaming, reading, watching movies and surfing the Internet. 

Netbooks are synced with the best operating systems and one of the best operating systems in the market today, is android. If you buy a netbook android you automatically get access to the wide range of apps that Google has and also everything else that Google comes up with. You have access to all kinds of software and the most hi tech apps that come with android. 

A netbook android is what it is because of its operating software. It is widely available in the market in both online and offline stores. It is priced reasonably so that it can be available to the mass public. If you are looking for something that is user friendly, functional and value for money, then a netbook android is the way to go.

A look into some child-friendly gadgets

Gadgets have become essential components of our routine. It is becoming increasingly difficult to spend an hour without fidgeting with one of the myriad gadgets with which we are bestowed with. Children too have fallen under their charm. Besides, one should also cite that these gadgets also offer assistance to the kids pursuing academic life. 

But not all such items are safe for children. Here is a look at 3 gadgets which can be considered child-friendly:
i.                    Android netbook: An Android netbook is a must-have gadget for multiple reasons. It is a netbook and hence a miniature version of a laptop. Besides, having the Android OS, it can help your kid in his academy as well as for having fun. Netbooks are flying off the shelves very fast these days. They are light in bulk and are not much voluminous. Their prices are also within reach. Instead of buying your child an Android cell phone, it makes sense to get him an Android netbook.
ii.                  Kids tablet: Alternatively, you can also get him a kids tablet. These tablets are smaller cousins of computers and are way lighter and cheaper. As compared to a normal tablet which can be quite expensive, a kids tablet is cheaper since it does away with some inane features.
iii.                Kids laptop: If your kid is geeky and likes to spend his time with technology and books, then you can finally get him his own laptop. But make sure that it is a special kids laptop. Such laptops have pre-installed features and apps for users of his age.