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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Advantages of Notebook computers over desktop computers

Technology is increasing with leaps and bounds. Something that is in fashion, new or latest becomes old in the blink of an eye. Keeping up with this changing trend often becomes troublesome. Just a computer usage has become so common over the past ten years or so. It is now a mandatory requirement in most professions and homes. Computer literacy is given utmost importance in offices as well as schools. 

Be it school assignment or some official work, it has to be done with the help of computers. The desktop computer is known for its all round performance, high performance, high configuration, compatibility, readability and ease of use along with being low in cost. On the other hand, Notebook computers are very compact, easily relocatable but slightly over priced. However, the way people look at netbooks has highly changed. 
Both of these forms of computers are highly popular among young and old likewise. Both of these computers are used by separate genres. Desktops a popular choice by office people has made smaller. Any Notebook computer can do what usual desktops do. Earlier it was not easy to upgrade laptops but that is not the case now. RAM (random access memory) can be enhanced easily increasing the performance. Notebook computers can be costly as they integrate several features of desktop into a mall machine.
There are times, when we need to travel and work as well. 7" Computer & Netbooks are a plus point during such times. Compact, easy to carry and portable are some of the advantages of owning one. The storage capacity was always a plus point with desktop computers, which has changed now. Thanks to separate hard disks, storage devices, and increased laptop memories, desktops are not the only preferred choice by youth now.

Notebooks enable wireless internet access, which is not possible on desktops. The battery backup of notebook let the user keep working even if there is no power supply for long hours at a stretch. This facility is the best feature of notebooks or laptop computers. These days there are mini laptops also in the market that are highly portable and efficient.

Generally, these use LCD (liquid crystal display) screen that are better and provide a brighter view to its users. Netbook android have several other features like face recognition, finger print reading and other security issues. Inbuilt camera and dvd combo drive that play almost all formats is a plus point with every laptop.

Moreover, with changing times, there are variations in operating system as well. There are several android netbooks also available in the market. Netbook android are the latest technical advancement in this field and is sure to stay for a while. These are not also so costly or put a hole in the pocket. They are easily available at best prices everywhere. There are different laptops for different needs. What you need to do is find you need and get one for yourself as soon as possible!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mini and compact the best features in a computer

Everywhere you look nowadays all you can see is new gadgets popping up. And before you get the hang of one complicated feature of such gadgets, a new more complicated product comes onto the market. And you are either forced to buy this new one which has more features than the previous model. The manufacture conveniently leaves off putting in some new upgrade to the older version instead of bringing out an entirely new product. So what can we do to keep up with all this never ending production line? The answer is really simple (I would have said an android tablet and just ended with it but just here out). just buy something that has the features of a conventional PC and the portability of you average tablet. That’s where something like the new mini netbook comes handy add to that an android software and you are good to go, think about it netbook android!

                          It  is definitely the perfect blend of both looks and performance. It may not have the best features on the block with the compact figure it comes in but that’s what makes it so fantastic to use. You get a 1.6GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. What does make it really nice to use though is the 1.4 inch size of the computer and the approximately 2.5 pound weight that this thing sports. But considering all of that, why is this computer as popular as it is? Well, unlike other computers that try to flash all of these great “bonuses” and “extras” in the face of competition, the NB505 tries to just be a machine that’s usable. It’s sleek to look at and very inexpensive. What’s more it’s got a netbook android feature along with it.

For the basic power you’re getting, it’s definitely a great buy for anyone just looking to have a mini netbook to carry around with them to jot down ideas or do some basic work without having to break out the full sized laptop or desktop to get work done. In most cases, netbooks generally get anywhere between 7 and 9 hours of battery life off of a single charge. With dual core netbooks you can expect about 4 hours of battery life until a third party company can come up with a battery extender or external battery to attach to the netbook to increase its battery life. Anything less than 4 hours is a scam and anything more than 4 hours is a job well done on the part of the company. 
                                           If you're looking for a tablet and don't fancy an iPad, then Android is currently the way to go. This android tablet can be quite handy, one you get to know the awesome features it comes with.  Check out wolvol.com and pick you choice of awesome new useful gadgets.

How To Find Cheap Yet Efficient Computers?

Now most people will want a computer which has practically all features of an average home PC and yet in the price range of a really good mobile phone. It is in most cases easier said than actually found. Well not anymore here’s an option for really good compact computers. For one there’s a 7’ computer. A 7 inch tablet to be more specific with Google Android OS is symmetrically balanced with attractive & stunning touch pad that gives you that perfect balance between eye-catchy looks & happening features clubbed in. This great one has built in Wi-Fi, supports Flash Player. it also has Office Document Viewer, PDF reader & Image viewer. Chat online with friends with wireless Internet Surfing. It is much portable and light weighted one which makes it easy to carry, it performs majority of the tasks similar to a full size laptop. It is compatible to various business applications and a great productivity tool for techno geeks. It's a definite go getter. All this aside from the obvious 7’ screen.

                                               Now there’s also the cheap netbooks to consider  If you want to buy a laptop for Internet surfing then an affordable netbook is the best choice. there are so many netbooks in the market today that’s it’s often impossible to figure out what netbook is right for you. If you’re looking for something just to have around the house so you don’t have to boot up your desktop or laptop every time you want to look something up on the netbook, your choice in a nice cheap netbook may be completely different from someone who needs a netbook for work purposes and can’t be bothered to lug a huge laptop to and from the office every day. So, if you’re wanting a lot of speed but don’t care about how long the battery lasts, a dual core processor is definitely the way to go. Though, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time away from a wall outlet and want to ensure that you can squeeze as much time out of the battery as possible, going with the older single core processor is probably your best bet. Moving on…..
    May be you have been thinking about buying a computer, and it has occurred to you that you might want to buy a laptop version. After all, today's laptops have just as much computing power as desktops, without taking up as much computing power as desktops, without taking up as much space. you can take a laptop on the road with you to do your computing. So cheap laptops are Just as viable and clever a choice as any other. So log on to Wolvol.com and find out which you want to buy , which ever it is hope it is cheap and effective.

Great Gift Tips For Your Young Ones

Tired of not knowing what the young ones in your family would love for a present. Well here’s a great idea for you. For a good “kid” gift , you must consider three things.  Is it fun? Is it educational ? and last of them, is it in the price range fitting of an average hi-tech toy. Now for a generation of children who have almost everything to keep them entertained.  What could you possibly buy that he doesn’t have and still can be extremely useful to him . How about a computer? One might think that a computer is too expensive. And that too for a gift idea is not too cost effective. But consider this, a computer designed especially for kids. Inexpensive , useful  and exponentially better than one of those toys that the kids nowadays throws away in a day or two .

                                     So more about this kids computer, simply put they are basically the kid version of a real laptop or a computer. Kids' laptops don't have to cost you a fortune. If your kids just want to play some games and act like mom or dad, these toy laptops for kids may be just the thing. These kids' laptops are reasonably priced, educational and fun, but keep in mind that they are also toys. They are not designed to replace a real laptop or computer experience. Unless otherwise specified, none of the toy kids' laptops have color screens (they are gray scale LCD) and they all require batteries. It includes interactive lessons and trivia games on topics such as math, animals, sports, history and science. The games have several options, including multi-player modes, so they can play along with friends.
                                                   Here is a Computer that can be both a Friend & a Teacher to your Child! This Perfect Companion can keep the Child Occupied in 20 Different ways. It not only assists in Learning New Words and Letters, but it also gives tests to gauge the knowledge gained. It is a fun friend to have around, as it Plays Games, Melodies and Colors the Childs world by teaching them to draw and color. This is the perfect blend.
Benefits of kid’s computer:
·         Helps the child sharpen his skills in:
·         Spellings - Learning and memorization
·         Recognizing uppercase and lowercase lettering
·         Helps the child learn how to follow instructions through the voice functions:
·     Makes learning of the English language and simple mathematics, a fun activity and keeps the child busy in a useful, learning-oriented activity
·         Helps build the child's hand-eye coordination and memory skills
·         Helps familiarize the child with a computer keyboard

So log on to Wolvol.com and spot the product you want to gift to you child. Gift ideas for kids can’t be any more perfect that this.

Have You Switched To A Net Book Yet?

For those of you who have not heard of a netbook computer let alone used it. prepare to be introduced into a world of sleek , inexpensive and  compact piece of electronic brilliance. It is a new type of laptop computer, defined by size, price, horsepower, and operating system. They are small, cheap, under-powered, and run either an old or unfamiliar operating system.

They run either Windows XP Home edition or Linux (not only is Linux unfamiliar to many, but the versions of Linux on Netbooks are not the mainstream popular distributions). They do not run XP Professional, Vista, or OS X. Microsoft arbitrarily restricts it from running the Professional Edition of Windows XP. Likewise, Apple arbitrarily restricts OS X to Apple hardware and it has never played in the low-end realm that they occupy. Vista requires too much horsepower to run well on them. HP has been the only company to offer Vista supported by them. The price, however, was so high that it's debatable whether such a machine qualifies as a Netbook android. But to get a full assessment on a product one must first know what’s missing from it that your average laptops and other computing devices have. For one thing, there is no optical drive. CDs and DVDs had to be thrown overboard to reduce both the size and cost. Another omission is the now legacy PC card (aka PCMCIA) slot. Most Netbooks don't include Bluetooth. And, while they do have Ethernet and Wi-Fi, they don't include the fastest version of Ethernet (known as gigabit Ethernet)
      For years techies and the public focused on the cutting edge of personal computing. They  are dull technology-wise, the equivalent of last year's model. But for many applications, they are good enough. Many things have been popular because they were cheaper than the competition and although not as good, were thought to be good enough. How will they affect personal computing going forward? For one, they'll introduce more people to Linux. Perhaps the inherent safety of Linux, shared with OS X, will popularize it with users sick and tired of fending off malicious software. Now most if you fancy tinkering or playing about with Netbook android. You can install it to the hard drive, unless you know Wi-Fi works for sure I wouldn’t bother. If Wi-Fi works you could consider it. Otherwise you have a Netbook which can’t really do much and would be better if you stuck a proper operating system on it. 

                        Now there is a wide rage of Netbook android products you can just purchase from wolvol.com. It is the one stop shop for netbooks if you may wish to call it that after you visit it.