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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Android computer: Shaping your child’s future

Android OS has made it to almost every mobile phone and is now invading the tablets and computers. One could see why computers too are using this operating system. It does offer a lot of benefits because of its unlimited number of useful apps. An Android computer can now be bought for a very cheap price. These computers can be given as the perfect gifts to your kids. They will help them in their studies and also for increasing their general skills. For instance, there are many Android apps which are very creative. They bring out the creative flair out of your child and thus help shape his personality.

On more advantage of an Android computer is that it is customized for students and filled with student-friendly apps. Besides, new apps are coming up every day and they can be easily downloaded for a better and richer experience.

A kids laptop is just like them- smaller and cuter! In fact, they come in such a variety of bubbly colors that even the parents can feel envious at times. More importantly, the features and programs are driven by the need of the children. There are many programs and apps which are exclusively found in a kids laptop. The objective is to make them smarter and more intelligent. When they need to do their homework, they can easily use those features to do a better job. Plus, there are quite a few interactive tools which sharpen the social skills and also help the child get some recreation. 

3 points you must not neglect while buying a mini netbook

Even though there are oodles of devices and gadgets in the market, a netbook is something which is cheap yet quite extraordinary. For someone who just needs a computer for simple tasks, a mini netbook is a cheaper alternative to an expensive laptop. But when you go looking for netbooks, you may be bamboozled by the variety available. Despite the fact that they are small, cheap and alluring, they do come in different models and have discrepant features.

Here are some useful points you must ponder over while buying one:

1 Life of battery: Most people just look for cheap netbooks and prioritize price over everything else. But the life of battery becomes a crucial factor in case you are a regular traveler. If you have a greater need to take the netbook to various outdoor locales, then you better opt for one which comes with greater battery life. That would allow you to escape the hassle of charging every now and then.

2 Keyboard size: Some people are very finicky about the size of the keyboard. Besides, this factor is also influenced by one’s typing speed. If you need to type a lot, then it would be wise of you to find a mini netbook whose keyboard size would suit your fingers.

3 Touchpad type: The touchpad found in these cheap netbooks can vary a bit. Some of them have a single button while some may have a couple. Their functions and ease of control would vary in such scenarios. So, this is another factor you may consider. 

3 key considerations while shopping for an Android computer

An Android computer can be a great way to bring home a beneficial device without any major investment. Android has really made the world sit up and take notice. The technology is highly interactive and has opened up a wide door to the exciting world of apps. This kind of computer also makes for great gift ideas. You can always gift an Android-based computer to your kids to help them in their work and studies.

But when you shop for these, do keep in mind a few vital considerations:

i.                 Select the size carefully: Such computers are smaller than the conventional one, but yet they can vary in size. Though, you can also find ones which hover around 8-10 inches in size, the most recommended one is a 7” computer. This size offers the maximum portability. And portability and lightness are vital factors for children. Any gadget which is a way too heavy will make it difficult for them to carry it.

ii.                  Wi-Fi: These days, most of them come with Wi-Fi facilities. It is even considered a necessity for many. In the long run, it proves to be quite cost-effective too. So, you should better look for an Android computer which has this feature.

iii.                Battery: Battery life is another aspect which must not be ignored. Since, most of these gadgets today are carried from one place to another, it becomes really inconvenient if the battery life is short. A long-lasting battery surely enjoys greater favor by the student populace. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Selection of learning games for kids should be based on the child’s interests and abilities

Learning games for kids not only let children have fun but also impart knowledge in a subtle way. Nowadays a plethora of educational games for kids is available in the market and it is easy for the parent to succumb to the temptation of picking up whichever ones look the most attractive. But, educational toys should not be picked up at random since they influence the child’s mind and help enhance or detract his ability to learn. If selected intelligently, learning games for kids can definitely improve your child’s learning abilities.

All learning games for kids have different levels and different rules based on the child’s age. The games should be chosen such that the child has an entertaining time while playing with them and yet is learning something. Ideally, parents should ensure that the learning games for kids which they have chosen are not very hard for his level of ability and yet it is not so easy that he will soon tire of it. Both extremes will lead to frustration and disinterest. The type of learning games for kids which will suit your child the best depends a lot on his temperament also. For instance, if your child is not the type to learn pages and pages of rules, then, no matter how instructive the game might be, he will not even begin to learn it. In such a case, you have to check whether the rules can be simplified or else, it is best to settle for something less lengthy.

You can get the best out of learning games for kids if you select them on the basis of your child’s interests and capabilities. 

Educational games for kids should be easy to learn yet challenging

To help the child learn faster and better, it is important to create a learning environment which is interesting and innovative. A staid and stiff learning atmosphere stifles children and they are slow to grasp things. This is especially true for younger children who thrive in a creative and entertaining atmosphere. Educational games for kids or learning games for kids help teach children in a fun and amusing way. Educational toys keep the interest of learning alive because they teach and occupy the child’s mind while keeping him entertained.

There are innumerable educational games to choose from and these range from spelling games for kids to maths, science and general knowledge. The idea behind educational games for kids is basically to let have children fun while simultaneously learning new things. The games therefore should be chosen carefully so as to be compatible with the child’s age, faculties and interests. The games should be challenging yet not so complicated that the child cannot understand it. If the game is too easy the child will soon get bored and lose interest. But, on the other hand, if the game is too complicated for his age, he will get disheartened and not want to play with it again. The level of the game should match the child’s abilities according to age. Educational games for kids which are too complex to be learnt quickly are likely to be kept aside and forgotten whereas games which are quick to learn yet take time to master hold the child’s interest on a sustained basis.

Educational games for kids hone the learning skills of children further and should be encouraged to help foster a meaningful learning environment for the child. 

Childrensipad must be internet equipped but with proper parental controls

The childrens ipad is a very interesting gadget and contrary to the opinion of most parents it can, in fact, be very instructive and educative. The iPad for kids can act like educational toys as they come preloaded with various apps. Popular characters from TV are incorporated in some apps and this makes the children instantly relate to the program and incites their interest in learning.

Many of the childrens tablet are equipped with internet and if the child is not very young it is a very useful app. Nowadays, a lot of school learning is done via the internet and with an internet equipped learning tablet children can have access to information without lugging around many books. A WiFi childrens iPad is expensive but apps are easier to download and this is an important factor to consider when the child becomes older. Apart from the preloaded apps in the tablet, there are still many instructive and educational apps which can be downloaded by paying a small fee or for free. Cautious parents apprehensive about the misuse or the impact of the internet on their children can get parental controls installed in the tablet. This will allow them to monitor and supervise the usage of the internet.

The internet has become indispensable and is used vastly in educational institutions; it stands to reason that the childrensiPad should also be internet equipped but adequate parental control measures can be taken for the protection of their children. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tablet for Kids: A full of New Things with Dynamic Usability

Tablet for kids is different from what a tech-savvy adult uses. This gadget is specifically designed with your little one in mind. From the construction, preloaded apps to the parental controls available, it's meant to be a fantastic educational and entertainment tool for children.

It's understandable for parents to feel apprehensive about letting their young ones get their hands on this gadget. But because technology is bound to evolve further, tablet for kids helps ensure that they're ready for the future. With some of them made to be used by children as young as 3 years old, you can be certain that your youngster is exposed to age-appropriate apps and innovations.

Usually with shock-absorbing silicone or rubber guards and screen protectors, your child can enjoy the gadget for a very long time. Tablet for kids is easy to use even with minimal or no parental help. The incredible capacity of children to try and learn new things contributes to such fact.

Surprisingly, buying a tablet for kids need not leave a hole in your pocket. The price tag will depend on the features available. When shopping for tablet for kids, look for a large touch screen so your little one has plenty of workspace. A spacious hard drive allows for storage of lots of cartoons and educational games, especially handy during long trips. Integrated camera helps develop a child's knack for photography.

Wi-Fi connectivity is an important feature to look for in a tablet for kids. This allows for downloading of additional apps in the marketplace, with so many of them very educational and fun. Thanks to parental controls, children's access to online content not suitable for them can be limited.

Learning Games for Kids: Refresh Educational tips

Learning games for kids are called educational games. They are a great tool for building skills in language, mathematics, science, social studies and other subjects.  Although these games cover all ages from pre-school to high school, most parents prefer to start them as early as the toddler years at one to three years old. The games for toddlers or pre-school children may include online games that teach the youngsters how to recognize colors and shapes. Non-online, they can also play coloring and color-mixing games, zoo animals jigsaw, space jigsaw, fruits and vegetables jigsaw, or matching numbers.  For health games, they can play that aim to teach the parts of the human body in body parts jigsaw.

You may want to let your toddler play math games, which are among the best learning games for kids, that consist of addition and subtraction games, with the use of flash cards. These will help polish up your child’s math skills and vocabulary. Still, your child may need to play geography learning games in order for him to know about geography and have an understanding about the people’s political and physical realities.

As a parent, you can play a big role in making learning games for kids contribute to the healthy development of your child or any child for that matter. For this role, here are some things for you to do: (a) You should buy game pieces that your child enjoys playing, (b) In case of an online game, you must first explore the website and select the most relevant and age-appropriate game for your child, and (c) Assure yourself that the site is good and which you can control for the protection of your child.            

Shop Kids iPad with interactive tools and advanced technology online

The iPad is a tablet computer made and distributed by Apple, Inc. and runs on its own operating system. Operated by a multi-touch screen, it can take photographs, shoot videos, play music and even do online jobs like emailing and web browsing. First released in 2010, it is now used in many offices and workplaces where it said to have increased productivity among employees, improved revenues and reduced paperwork. Originally designed for adult use, it now finds itself among children in the form of the kids iPad. This iPad for children is an alternative to your own tablet that you don’t want used by your young kids for various reasons such as its being possibly tossed around and destroyed. If your child is between four and nine, some iPad alternatives can be given to him or her like the LeapPad tablet, Etch a Sketch Doodle Sketch iPad, the anaPad, or the VINCI tablet.

The LeapPad is among the most preferred in the kids iPad technology because it can run more than a hundred apps, including games and interactive books. In addition, it can serve as a learning tablet with a built-in camera that will make children learn how to take video and still shots.

Your child can draw, erase and draw again on this kid-proof Etch and Sketch Doodle Sketch iPad which is affordable and, in the event it gets lost, is replaceable. With the anaPad, your child’s analog learning and creativity will be promoted in a digital way.

The VINCI tablet, on the other hand, does not have a Wi-Fi radio but it features a 7-inch tempered glass cover as protection against accident. It is encased in a durable, soft-edge chassis as are other kids iPad models in light-board shatter-resistant case.