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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Netbook Android: A mini netbook comes with stunning features and affordable price

We are living in an age which is being dominated by gadgets. Even children are not spared from this onslaught of technology as education, play and entertainment have got reshaped by computers, laptops and netbook. Now with the advent of mini netbook, children can reap the full benefits of technology. Most schools now prefer to take the help of internet for scalping out information. Besides, they also make use of MS-word, MS-Excel and various software & applications for preparation of projects or to drill new concepts. Netbook Android, in this regard, has become very popular. 

And there are plenty of reasons for its popularity. Firstly, an Android tablet is stuffed with all the basic features that someone may ask for. Besides, they have reduced screen size that makes them lighter and more portable. Thirdly, they are priced very reasonably and give more than the money’s worth.

Here are some of the features of a good Android tablet:

i.                    Thin and attractive: These tablets and netbook are sleek and ultrathin. Because of their thinness, they are feathery light and can be easily carried by an average school-going student. Plus, they are massively attractive and come in trendy colors and themes. 

ii.                  Touch screen feature: You can expect touch screen feature in the sophisticated netbook and laptops. Also, the keypads are large for convenient operation.

iii.                1 GB RAM: Netbook Android comes with 1 GB RAM with a super fast speed and desirable memory. You will have no problem in using it or in storing documents or files.

iv.                Small screen: The screen is adequately large at 7 inches and yet smaller than conventional computers. In fact, a mini netbook is like a marriage between a laptop and a mobile phone. It incorporates the benefits of both laptops and mobiles to present to you a gadget that is sleek, fast, small, light and portable. 

v.                  Other features: Your Android 4.0 tablet or netbook will be stuffed with plenty of other alluring features including Google Play, WiFi, in-built camera, touch pen and Flash Player amongst others. 

vi.                Available in different colors: A top-notch company makes sure that these gadgets are available in as many as 5 different colors to give you a rich experience and to appeal to the youngsters. 

vii.              Multi-functional: A netbook Android is multi-functional and allows you to avail all facilities including fast-streaming YouTube videos and access to social sites like Facebook. For educational purpose, it is the best thing available in the market. In fact, the modern day netbook is loaded with special games that help the young children learn as they play.

If you are looking for an Android tablet, then make sure to buy it from a reputed seller. Reliable and trusted names sell you genuine products at genuine prices. In fact, they also offer good discounts and provide free & superfast shipping! A mini netbook can be easily bought at a price lower than $100. So, browse through the different models and choose the one that excites you!

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