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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cheap netbooks: A 7” computer is sleek, light, portable and affordable

Computers have become an essential part of our professional, social and personal life. It is difficult to survive without a computer since it helps you at almost everything. You can get your work done through it, you can look for important information through it, you can get academic help, you can entertain yourself with games & movies, and you can even socialize. Besides, cheap netbooks are now available which have become massively popular as they can be carried anywhere and everywhere. These have become particularly popular amongst the younger generation including the school & college goers. Plus, since they are a lot more inexpensive than your conventional computer, one doesn’t need to invest much to grab one of these dazzling gadgets. 

If you are looking for a computer which is smaller in size (and hence easy to carry), lighter in weight, cheaper in price but still fully functional, then go for a 7” computer! The conventional computers which are around 15-20” do not come with the same amount of portability which these smaller computers enjoy. They are a lot heavier, massive in built and certainly cannot be carried like a purse. On the other hand, these small computers with screen size of merely 7” are being loved by masses because of their low prices, excellent features and small & light built. In fact, you can carry them like a purse and take them to schools and colleges. For a student or a teacher looking to take the help of internet for educational purpose, these light, smart and cheap laptops are perfectly suitable.  

A 7” computer has a screen size which is smaller than your conventional computer and larger than a Smartphone! The 7” screen affords proper visibility without adding much weight to the gadget. For instance, even though a 15” or 20” screen in a normal computer gives better viewing and higher pleasure of watching films or playing games, these computers are very large and heavy and hence cannot be carried everywhere. Similarly, even though you can carry a Smartphone everywhere in your pocket, its screen size of 3-4” is not enough to give you a highly satisfying experience. Computers with 7” screen therefore are tailor made for people looking for a convenient marriage between a normal computer and a Smartphone. It is portable and gives reasonably good experience.

These cheap netbooks are quite affordable as they are priced lower than the normal computers. Despite the low price, one cannot take away the fact that they are loaded with features and high specifications including the famed Wi-Fi which enables you to connect to internet at any locale where Wi-Fi is available. Besides, they have good storage capacity and reasonably good memory. They are sleek, speedy, light and attractive.
For someone who is a backpacker or stays outdoors most of the time for office work, these cheap laptops can be a boon. Similarly, a student really savors the experience and joy he gets from using these gadgets which are stuffed with games, videos and music folders.

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