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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Control Your Windows Computer Remotely Using Your Android Netbook

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Some people favor a conventional computer while some are more comfortable using a netbook. There are pros and cons to both. While a conventional PC will help you do more work since it is more productive and has higher features, a netbook is user-friendly and lighter and convenient. You may simply roll over the bed with a Wolvol Netbook Android and start playing games or surfing the net at a posture you like. So, a number of people these days own both kinds of computers. 

Now, owing to the need of the current users, technology is tossing up options wherein you can use your Android netbook to control your windows computer remotely. This technique is allowing more and more people to get more use out of their twin devices. For instance, if you have loaded a game on your Windows computer, you can connect it remotely to your Netbook and play it on the smaller device. Isn’t that interesting? 

For someone who loves to play games, this feature can be a blessing since it allows him more flexibility in movement and place. 

Also, by connecting your Windows computer remotely with your Wolvol Netbook Android, you can access files stored in one computer from another computer. This connection can be established even between computers at office and home. So, it does solve a number of problems for office-goers who often forget to take some files to offices or to home. 

One has to install special remote software to enjoy the feature. You may also take the help of a friend or a professional to connect the computer remotely to your netbook .
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