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Sunday, 22 April 2012

All About Mini Laptops and Netbooks for kids

If you are planning the education of your child and help him learn in a more technology oriented way which you should obviously do, then you should consider buying a kids computer. It will not only help the child enjoy and have fun but will also help him get acquainted to the changing technological trends and learn. Hence to carter to the needs of the parents many laptop and desktop manufacturers like Dell, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Acer, HCL, IBM etc. have come up with a variety of computers for complete home entertainment in the form of laptops, netbooks and desktop computers. These kids computers are generally designed using bright colors with logos and stickers of their favorite cartoon characters so as to make it look interesting. A child can use it for activities like reading an encyclopedia, watching videos, listening to rhymes or music, playing games etc.

Now let us talk about two categories of computers which can be used for both home entertainment and as a kids computer. The first one is a mini laptop. Mini Laptops are small in size, light on weight, low on cost and are highly portable. They also support all basic computing activities needed by a student or for home entertainment. These mini laptops also come with a battery backup which can help a student learn and study even during power cuts. Since the configuration is basic, the cost of these laptops starts from rupees seven thousand. Parents can decide and implement additional safety software’s on the computer so that the laptop is not overused or misused by the child. It is also advisable to have an internet connection to make the laptop more productive and useful.

Another category of computers is netbook computers. These are devices similar to a regular laptop but with a much lower configuration in terms of processor speed, hard disk space, battery life, screen size etc. Also, due to its low configuration, these netbooks are much cheaper, more portable and lighter than regular laptops. These are loaded with operating systems like Linux or Android which can be used only for basic applications and not for high end gaming. Such Netbooks are called Netbook Android. The cost of such netbooks starts from a very nominal range to higher values. Additional costs of internet connectivity etc. have to be incurred by the user to utilize all the features of Netbook Android. These devices come in different colors and designs and are manufactured by all leading manufacturers. Many online stores stock these & you can even avail great discounts on them. Try Wolvol.com as a trusted seller of these hi-end laptops.

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