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Friday, 4 October 2013

How much time a child must ideally spend with computers and netbooks?

There are many factors which decide the ideal time that an individual child must spend with a computer or a netbook. It is true that today, children are getting addicted to computers. It is not a very positive outcome and is being touted as one of the largest negativities of technology. So, parents must impose strict timing controls over their children before they bring home a computer or WOLVOL Cheap Netbooks.  But more than the actual time spent, it is the reason for which the computer is being used is more important.

Children today use computers for a number of reasons. The primary reason should always be to get information and take homework help. A child who is using a computer merely for leisure or to pursue social interactions is indulging in blatant luxury. It can give birth to irresponsible attitude and will also lead to wastage of valuable time. It is important that the children make use of a computer basically for academic pursuit. In case, they are not doing so, then they may veer towards wrong directions and may also fall prey to cyber abuse. 

It is hard to pinpoint or draw a perfect time chart for a child. But if the child is not using the computer for academic reasons, then around 4-5 hours should be enough during the week. In case, the child is getting wiser by extorting information from the net, then you can relax the hours a bit and allow usage for longer time. 

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