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Sunday, 22 April 2012

What is a netbook and how to choose a perfect netbook for yourself!

Intel gave the name mini netbook to mini laptops which are small, light weight and efficient laptops. These laptops are famous for their portability. Thanks to their lightweight and smaller size which makes them highly efficient for work on the go. 

These net books are great to be bought for yourself or for gifting someone. Netbooks are great for students, teachers or working professionals. Mini netbooks are especially popular with people who are always on the go and need to get their work done anywhere anytime. These laptops are truly remarkable by how they work and help us.

Here are some of the tips which could help in buying a good mini netbook. Always make sure of your requirements. Analyze your specific needs if you need a bigger screen computer, 7” computer or a mini laptop would do. Think about an average day and what all work you do. Do not buy a netbook if you are looking for a laptop or desktop computer.

Check the battery backup as well. Usually the net books have less powerful microprocessor just to ensure they are fast but they end up having low battery backup. Check the screen size well in advance. Do not go for a mini netbook which has screen size less than 9 inches. Surfing on a very small screen will not only irritate you but delay your work as well. What is the use of choosing a net book instead of mobile screens then? 

Try to get a six cell battery for the net book. Although three cells works well but that soon wears off. If you need more run time then going with six well would always prove beneficial. Take care of processor speed as well. Going with a cheap net book which offers less processor speed would never do you good. Imagine working on a super slow, small screen notebook computer.

Always check for the software and operating system. If you are not comfortable in working on a Linux background then be sure of avoiding it. Many times the vendor sells you the net book but doesn’t tell you if it has basic software or not. Choose wisely and make a good choice. These days you can get Android notebook as well which work exactly like your smart phone.

There are some cons of buying a mini netbook as well. Mini netbooks do not generally come with CD/DVD players. They have very small keyboard which creates a bit of trouble when typing long documents. Due to their processor speed, multi tasking may become troublesome. If you are sure and thought of all the pros and cons then go ahead buy one mini netbook for yourself. If you are planning to buy a mini netbook for your kids as well then go for kids computer which are specifically made for kids.

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