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Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Look At Different Kinds of Laptop To Suit Your Needs

With booming technology and advancement in science, the size of most devices has started getting smaller and smaller. Similar is the case with computers. Gone are the days when a computer occupied a large chunk of the room. In today’s era people talk about portability with high computing powers. So, we have a notebook computer which is also otherwise known as a Laptop computer. These computers have a processor speed and configuration similar to that of a desktop computer but are portable, smaller and lighter in weight. A notebook computer can perform all the regular tasks like listening to music, chatting, watching movies or videos, surfing the internet, watching photos, playing games etc., though the high end tasks depend largely on the laptop configuration. The price of these laptops starts from fifteen thousand rupees.

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If you are the kind of person who believes that computers still need to be smaller than regular laptops then you should go for a mini netbook. This variant of laptop has a lower computing power with the basic minimum configuration which is just sufficient to do day to day activities. To use this laptop to its full potential, a user requires an active internet connection. Many high end applications are not supported by this laptop. Also the battery life is lesser in case of Netbooks. Due to the low configuration and low computing power, a mini netbook is still smaller than a regular laptop but bigger than a tablet computer, i.e. it is more portable. The price range of these netbooks varies and it is good buy if you are a basic home user.

If you still want to go for more portability then 7” computer is best for you. These computers can either be a tablet or a laptop with a 7” screen i.e. a resolution of 800*480 pixels. Since this is a really lower version of a laptop, the operating system used in this case is Android or some version of Linux. These tablets are really light in weight and most of them come equipped with a stylus pen for touch based input. The main disadvantage of a 7” computer is its low processor speed and battery life. Also, many of them do not support external devices like USB flash drives etc. The price range of these laptops starts from around three thousand rupees and varies based on the configuration used. Also all the above types of computer come with a warranty of at least one year if purchased from a reputed shopkeeper.

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