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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bidding Goodbye To Desktops & Getting The Right Laptop

The era of the good old desktop can be safely assumed to have ended. In homes, schools & offices the desk space is now occupied by the sleek & efficient laptops.  With the same computing power & memory space if one can also have the benefits of mobility why buy a desktop? Agreed that the sturdiness of a desktop cannot be equalled yet who needs sturdiness & durability in an age when new technology dictates buyers’ moods! No one uses a laptop or a netbook for more than two or three years, thus eliminating the need for sturdiness in them. Not that we get flimsy devices, but new age tablets & pocket computers require greater care & maintenance.

With laptops becoming cheaper & integrating more features, consumers are no wonder drawn towards them. A computing & entertainment device that one can carry around spells greater benefits & returns. For a student for example getting cheap laptops is ideal as they would need the device for their school or college projects or for simple surfing the net. Young professionals opt for a higher range of products mostly with more computing power & greater battery life that keeps the laptop alive for longer hours. Mini laptops are a favourite of today’s youth as these are light-weight & very much easy to carry around. Also they don’t compromise on the functionalities i.e. you still get your webcams & hi-end processors along with the light weight. Unique colours & vibrant covers are also a trademark of these new age devices. Many companies have come up with excellent new designs that can change the user’s moods & make them eager to use their laptops.

Unlike normal laptops, the mini version however has a smaller tauch screen netbook & often lacks the optical drive. The basic requirements in these 7” computers that one should look for are good processing & clear graphics along with battery life. If you are not specific about the display resolution it will be better to by an Android tablet instead. Android OS is reputed to be one of the best ones in the market with an option to upgrade for free more like Linux. Also a variety of applications are available to choose from in case of Android tablets. Moreover these tablets are priced lesser than mini laptops.

Wolvol.com is one great site for shopping for low priced laptops & tablets. Along with free shipping option & fast delivery you get to pick from a wide range of colours & designs. Whether you want to gift someone or buy one for yourself, try this website for excellent choices!

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