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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Netbook: A Bird’s Overview

Netbook Computer- defined as an offspring of a laptop, this miniaturised technology has been able to gulp huge amount of problems of portability of computers required in the modern-age where laptops are considered as good as a PC in case of portability. If you are a regular commuter and cannot be in proximity of a wall outlet then a net book computer is the thing for you. Laptops come with a galaxy of features. There is no precise line dividing laptops for personal use and professional use. But netbook computers differ in this sphere. Though it gives all the features, but its chief purpose is to provide the most basic requirements and hence customise the utilization. 

Since its invasion in the market in 2007 netbooks have edged out the notebook computers in terms of using for specific purpose. Netbook computers are chiefly designed to provide outdoor usage and serviceability. They are lighter than laptops but not necessarily faster. Generally netbooks come with an Intel atom processor which fits in to the limited space available. But now even more developed processors like the Intel Atom Dual Core processor and the AMD processor is available which provides a better performance. They have a screen size of 10 inches at maximum which makes the less spacious. A netbook computer has a keyboard but the CD/DVD-ROM is cut out to decrease the size and weight. Netbooks are provided with a good battery life to permit outside usage. They are much more affordable than their notebook counterparts and rightly so because they are designed with less specifications for more optimized use.

Netbooks are especially very useful in an office scenario. The office-goers have huge amount of tasks handed out to them which cannot be done without the help of a computer and they keep commuting most of the time. This is where the netbook comes in to save them being red-faced in front of their bosses. Since the Android Computer can be carried out, one can make presentations, access internet through Wi-Fi, send and receive mails, connect to Bluetooth devices and access files. A non-office-goer might like to listen to music, read e-books, view photos and videos. Netbook computers now come with an in-built camera which enables video chat and sending video messages. In short netbooks are more or less laptops of small size.

With the internet booming on us like never before netbooks is certainly the way to go. They are customized for easy internet access and file sharing. The professionals who have nothing to do with the entertainment quotient of computer have a fitting aide in a netbook computer. One can easily convert his bed, or his car seat, or his kitchen platform, or his sofa to his workplace. There are no restrictions and endless possibilities, whatsoever. As the world becomes a global cyber village, to all the budding entrepreneurs a netbook computer certainly is a god-sent device.

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