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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Picking Up A Computer for Your Child

With the rapid increasing rate of technical advancement, every parent makes the best effort to keep their kids equally free with the growing technology. The kids of present generation are trained quite early and are very comfortable with the technology of today. Gone the time when children used to play with indoor games or video games, the games now in trend are played in a play station or laptops. In this scenario giving them a kids computer (computer meant for kids) is a nice decision. Here comes the kids laptop or Netbook into the scene. 

The kids laptop is a computer specially designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the kids less than 14 years of age.  Cheap netbooks is a laptop which is smaller in size and with lesser features. It is generally used as a substitute to a laptop as it comes for a much lesser price. Now the question which arises is how to choose the best kids computer or the perfect suitable device for your kids. Well the answer is quite simple: - just go through the reviews of the device you are planning to buy. The reviews clearly specify the quality of the product based on people’s personal experience.

Some basic things which you should take care before buying a kids laptop are:-
What should it look like? The laptops for kids should be colorful and be attractive in order to attract them and keep them busy. Pictures of cartoon characters can add a spark to it.

What programs should it support? Now days many schools allow such devices to be   used, so it should support programs like word processing software, basic office tools, calculators etc… The device should also support gaming features as it is one of the most beloved things kids would want to do in their laptops. It should have pdf readers so that kids get to read story books.

How durable is it? Well this can turn out to be the most important question in case of buying kids computer. Kids have a tendency o break laptops soon and use them in a rough way. The laptop for kids should have a scratch resistant screen, should have a waterproof cover. The device should be shock proof as kids will hill have greater tendency to drop them.

Should INTERNET be allowed? Well this depends on the parents that weather they will allow their kids to use internet. If you don’t want your child to use internet then you can always switch off the wireless internet receptor in the device and even disable the Ethernet. It is advised that kids should be allowed to use internet but with proper supervision.

Kids laptops vary with many just offering the basic computer skills while some are with all features. Keeping these things in mind you can go to a shop or go online to get the best deal and don’t forget to check for the warranty.

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