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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

3 key considerations while shopping for an Android computer

An Android computer can be a great way to bring home a beneficial device without any major investment. Android has really made the world sit up and take notice. The technology is highly interactive and has opened up a wide door to the exciting world of apps. This kind of computer also makes for great gift ideas. You can always gift an Android-based computer to your kids to help them in their work and studies.

But when you shop for these, do keep in mind a few vital considerations:

i.                 Select the size carefully: Such computers are smaller than the conventional one, but yet they can vary in size. Though, you can also find ones which hover around 8-10 inches in size, the most recommended one is a 7” computer. This size offers the maximum portability. And portability and lightness are vital factors for children. Any gadget which is a way too heavy will make it difficult for them to carry it.

ii.                  Wi-Fi: These days, most of them come with Wi-Fi facilities. It is even considered a necessity for many. In the long run, it proves to be quite cost-effective too. So, you should better look for an Android computer which has this feature.

iii.                Battery: Battery life is another aspect which must not be ignored. Since, most of these gadgets today are carried from one place to another, it becomes really inconvenient if the battery life is short. A long-lasting battery surely enjoys greater favor by the student populace. 

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