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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

3 points you must not neglect while buying a mini netbook

Even though there are oodles of devices and gadgets in the market, a netbook is something which is cheap yet quite extraordinary. For someone who just needs a computer for simple tasks, a mini netbook is a cheaper alternative to an expensive laptop. But when you go looking for netbooks, you may be bamboozled by the variety available. Despite the fact that they are small, cheap and alluring, they do come in different models and have discrepant features.

Here are some useful points you must ponder over while buying one:

1 Life of battery: Most people just look for cheap netbooks and prioritize price over everything else. But the life of battery becomes a crucial factor in case you are a regular traveler. If you have a greater need to take the netbook to various outdoor locales, then you better opt for one which comes with greater battery life. That would allow you to escape the hassle of charging every now and then.

2 Keyboard size: Some people are very finicky about the size of the keyboard. Besides, this factor is also influenced by one’s typing speed. If you need to type a lot, then it would be wise of you to find a mini netbook whose keyboard size would suit your fingers.

3 Touchpad type: The touchpad found in these cheap netbooks can vary a bit. Some of them have a single button while some may have a couple. Their functions and ease of control would vary in such scenarios. So, this is another factor you may consider. 

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