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Sunday, 30 June 2013

3 gadgets that you must beg your father to buy for you

If you are a kid and have a generous father, then it is time that you get some advantage out of him! Go, pester him to buy you some new-age gadgets which are making a child’s life very exciting and interesting! Life can often appear incomplete without these flashy devices. They are cool-looking and can make you appear stylish! At the same time, they can help you stay connected round the clock! If your father protests, then just point out the various educational benefits and he is likely to melt in delight.

Here are 3 gadgets which can make your life beautiful:

i.                    Mini netbook: Having a mini netbook can be quite a wonderful thing. It will make you a natural cynosure amongst your social peers and would enable you to access your social profiles anytime and every time. Plus, it is feather-light and you can carry it to your school, or to the garden or to your pal’s home! It is not much costly. Hence, your father should be able to afford it (if that’s what is bugging you)!

ii.                  Kids iPad: You may also cajole your dad to give you an iPad. Being a father that he is, he would naturally raise objections and point at the harmfulness of such tech gadgets. But you can argue back citing that a kids iPad is safer, securer and can help you with your studies.

iii.                Mini laptops: If your father is really generous, almost magnanimous, and is in a charitable mood, then you may be lucky enough to wheedle out a laptop from him. Mini laptops are well-designed, colorful, useful and a must-thing to have for every teenager and tweenager! 

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