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Saturday, 8 June 2013

A look into some child-friendly gadgets

Gadgets have become essential components of our routine. It is becoming increasingly difficult to spend an hour without fidgeting with one of the myriad gadgets with which we are bestowed with. Children too have fallen under their charm. Besides, one should also cite that these gadgets also offer assistance to the kids pursuing academic life. 

But not all such items are safe for children. Here is a look at 3 gadgets which can be considered child-friendly:
i.                    Android netbook: An Android netbook is a must-have gadget for multiple reasons. It is a netbook and hence a miniature version of a laptop. Besides, having the Android OS, it can help your kid in his academy as well as for having fun. Netbooks are flying off the shelves very fast these days. They are light in bulk and are not much voluminous. Their prices are also within reach. Instead of buying your child an Android cell phone, it makes sense to get him an Android netbook.
ii.                  Kids tablet: Alternatively, you can also get him a kids tablet. These tablets are smaller cousins of computers and are way lighter and cheaper. As compared to a normal tablet which can be quite expensive, a kids tablet is cheaper since it does away with some inane features.
iii.                Kids laptop: If your kid is geeky and likes to spend his time with technology and books, then you can finally get him his own laptop. But make sure that it is a special kids laptop. Such laptops have pre-installed features and apps for users of his age.

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