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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Have You Switched To A Net Book Yet?

For those of you who have not heard of a netbook computer let alone used it. prepare to be introduced into a world of sleek , inexpensive and  compact piece of electronic brilliance. It is a new type of laptop computer, defined by size, price, horsepower, and operating system. They are small, cheap, under-powered, and run either an old or unfamiliar operating system.

They run either Windows XP Home edition or Linux (not only is Linux unfamiliar to many, but the versions of Linux on Netbooks are not the mainstream popular distributions). They do not run XP Professional, Vista, or OS X. Microsoft arbitrarily restricts it from running the Professional Edition of Windows XP. Likewise, Apple arbitrarily restricts OS X to Apple hardware and it has never played in the low-end realm that they occupy. Vista requires too much horsepower to run well on them. HP has been the only company to offer Vista supported by them. The price, however, was so high that it's debatable whether such a machine qualifies as a Netbook android. But to get a full assessment on a product one must first know what’s missing from it that your average laptops and other computing devices have. For one thing, there is no optical drive. CDs and DVDs had to be thrown overboard to reduce both the size and cost. Another omission is the now legacy PC card (aka PCMCIA) slot. Most Netbooks don't include Bluetooth. And, while they do have Ethernet and Wi-Fi, they don't include the fastest version of Ethernet (known as gigabit Ethernet)
      For years techies and the public focused on the cutting edge of personal computing. They  are dull technology-wise, the equivalent of last year's model. But for many applications, they are good enough. Many things have been popular because they were cheaper than the competition and although not as good, were thought to be good enough. How will they affect personal computing going forward? For one, they'll introduce more people to Linux. Perhaps the inherent safety of Linux, shared with OS X, will popularize it with users sick and tired of fending off malicious software. Now most if you fancy tinkering or playing about with Netbook android. You can install it to the hard drive, unless you know Wi-Fi works for sure I wouldn’t bother. If Wi-Fi works you could consider it. Otherwise you have a Netbook which can’t really do much and would be better if you stuck a proper operating system on it. 

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