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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Advantages of Notebook computers over desktop computers

Technology is increasing with leaps and bounds. Something that is in fashion, new or latest becomes old in the blink of an eye. Keeping up with this changing trend often becomes troublesome. Just a computer usage has become so common over the past ten years or so. It is now a mandatory requirement in most professions and homes. Computer literacy is given utmost importance in offices as well as schools. 

Be it school assignment or some official work, it has to be done with the help of computers. The desktop computer is known for its all round performance, high performance, high configuration, compatibility, readability and ease of use along with being low in cost. On the other hand, Notebook computers are very compact, easily relocatable but slightly over priced. However, the way people look at netbooks has highly changed. 
Both of these forms of computers are highly popular among young and old likewise. Both of these computers are used by separate genres. Desktops a popular choice by office people has made smaller. Any Notebook computer can do what usual desktops do. Earlier it was not easy to upgrade laptops but that is not the case now. RAM (random access memory) can be enhanced easily increasing the performance. Notebook computers can be costly as they integrate several features of desktop into a mall machine.
There are times, when we need to travel and work as well. 7" Computer & Netbooks are a plus point during such times. Compact, easy to carry and portable are some of the advantages of owning one. The storage capacity was always a plus point with desktop computers, which has changed now. Thanks to separate hard disks, storage devices, and increased laptop memories, desktops are not the only preferred choice by youth now.

Notebooks enable wireless internet access, which is not possible on desktops. The battery backup of notebook let the user keep working even if there is no power supply for long hours at a stretch. This facility is the best feature of notebooks or laptop computers. These days there are mini laptops also in the market that are highly portable and efficient.

Generally, these use LCD (liquid crystal display) screen that are better and provide a brighter view to its users. Netbook android have several other features like face recognition, finger print reading and other security issues. Inbuilt camera and dvd combo drive that play almost all formats is a plus point with every laptop.

Moreover, with changing times, there are variations in operating system as well. There are several android netbooks also available in the market. Netbook android are the latest technical advancement in this field and is sure to stay for a while. These are not also so costly or put a hole in the pocket. They are easily available at best prices everywhere. There are different laptops for different needs. What you need to do is find you need and get one for yourself as soon as possible!

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