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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mini and compact the best features in a computer

Everywhere you look nowadays all you can see is new gadgets popping up. And before you get the hang of one complicated feature of such gadgets, a new more complicated product comes onto the market. And you are either forced to buy this new one which has more features than the previous model. The manufacture conveniently leaves off putting in some new upgrade to the older version instead of bringing out an entirely new product. So what can we do to keep up with all this never ending production line? The answer is really simple (I would have said an android tablet and just ended with it but just here out). just buy something that has the features of a conventional PC and the portability of you average tablet. That’s where something like the new mini netbook comes handy add to that an android software and you are good to go, think about it netbook android!

                          It  is definitely the perfect blend of both looks and performance. It may not have the best features on the block with the compact figure it comes in but that’s what makes it so fantastic to use. You get a 1.6GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. What does make it really nice to use though is the 1.4 inch size of the computer and the approximately 2.5 pound weight that this thing sports. But considering all of that, why is this computer as popular as it is? Well, unlike other computers that try to flash all of these great “bonuses” and “extras” in the face of competition, the NB505 tries to just be a machine that’s usable. It’s sleek to look at and very inexpensive. What’s more it’s got a netbook android feature along with it.

For the basic power you’re getting, it’s definitely a great buy for anyone just looking to have a mini netbook to carry around with them to jot down ideas or do some basic work without having to break out the full sized laptop or desktop to get work done. In most cases, netbooks generally get anywhere between 7 and 9 hours of battery life off of a single charge. With dual core netbooks you can expect about 4 hours of battery life until a third party company can come up with a battery extender or external battery to attach to the netbook to increase its battery life. Anything less than 4 hours is a scam and anything more than 4 hours is a job well done on the part of the company. 
                                           If you're looking for a tablet and don't fancy an iPad, then Android is currently the way to go. This android tablet can be quite handy, one you get to know the awesome features it comes with.  Check out wolvol.com and pick you choice of awesome new useful gadgets.

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