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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Android netbook: Pros and cons of an Android tablet

You have a desktop but you cannot carry it around! You have a laptop but it is pretty heavy and is inconvenient to carry while traveling! If that is your dilemma, then a netbook must appeal to you as it has appealed to thousands of customers all over the world. Netbook computer has become a rage all over the globe because of its cheap prices and small size. In fact, lower-income groups who wouldn’t even think of getting a laptop are now being tempted to buy a netbook because of its low cost.

An Android netbook is the best thing you can buy for yourself and the best gift you can give to your kid. These are really cheap netbooks and people don’t mind buying them in bulk for different members of the family (just like cell phones). There was a time when even a single desktop computer was considered a luxury for any family. But an Android tablet has certainly opened up the possibility of buying one for each member. Two factors which work in favor of these computers are
i.                    Low price
ii.                  Portability
These gadgets come at a price which will bring saliva to your lips. If you pit them against a conventional laptop, then you will find a huge difference in their prices. The chief reason behind the difference is that while a laptop is filled with all types of features (many of which we never use in our lifetime), an Android netbook has got limited features and the ones which matter to the commoners. So, if you are looking for a computer which will be super-efficient and has highest performance capacities, then refrain from buying these gadgets and more prudently invest in those traditional expensive computers. On the other hand, if you are looking for something which will be easy on the pocket, can be carried all the time, and help you in all your basic requirements, then the  is your must-buy thing.

These cheap netbooks do away with some features that you may find essential. For instance, they may not have the amount of hard drive space which you are used to with your traditional computer. Most of them don’t even have CD/DVD drive and so you cannot play a disk. Such an arrangement is made to cut down the cost of production and to curtail the weight of the gadget. But you can always buy them later on and get them installed if you need them.

The speed of these cheap netbooks is reasonable and not as fast as your high-performing traditional computer. But when it comes to display, size, space and design, then they certainly enjoy an edge over their traditional counterparts. Their screen size is limited between 7-11 inches thereby keeping the gadgets light and inexpensive. Their cheapness is what makes it possible for a certain section to use a computer, even if it is not of the most advanced type. Despite some demerits like less speed and less features, an Android netbook brings you the kind of portability you could never have even dreamt of. 

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