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Monday, 5 November 2012

Notebooks And Netbooks For All & Sundry

The concept of the notebook computers or laptop computers and netbooks was to use the same software as the desktop computers but shrink in size to enhance the portability and compatibility of computers. They have made the desktops almost obsolete and have taken their places. Besides serving as a status symbol, they have almost become an unavoidable part of the corporate sector.

The notebook computers have been high on demand since their advent to the market. These are handy, light and can be easily carried around without much fuss. The notebooks have many advantages compared to their older counterparts. They are portable, have less power requirements and have easy access to ports. It can fit into the requirements of every generation of user, be it a professional or a student, with equal ease. While the size of the notebook is miniaturised, the complexity of its built-up is high. 

The RAM and the storage devices used may be upgraded without any difficulty but it is quite cumbersome to replace a notebook’s motherboard. The configurations available for notebook computers are limited by their manufacturers unlike the desktops which can have many configurations. A huge number of public and private networks can be easily accessed by the notebooks. Notebooks can be used for many purposes. Starting from the commercial purposes like attending or receiving phone calls, sending and receiving mails, typing out letters and printing them, making presentations with pie and bar charts, transferring of data from one place to another to the fulfilment of entertainment purposes like watching a 2D OR 3D movie, listening to music, editing photographs, arranging music compositions, animations etc.; all is possible if you have a good notebook computer at your disposal.

The netbook computer is even smaller version of the laptop computers. They have a screen size of 10 inches at maximum which makes the less spacious. A netbook computer has a keyboard but the CD/DVD-ROM is cut out to decrease the size and weight. Netbooks are provided with a good battery life to permit their usage even during power outrages. They are much more affordable than their notebook counterparts and rightly so because they are designed with less specifications for more optimized use. 

Netbooks are very useful for a company-job holder. The office-goers have huge amount of tasks handed out to them which cannot be done without the help of a computer and they keep travelling most of the time. This is where a netbook helps saves you ample time. In addition to that, the netbooks connect to the web a lot faster due to high customised specifications. Even during presentations, the desktops that were previously in use took up lots of time just to get synchronised with the content being opened. But the speed with which the processors in a netbook run, there is hardly any sort of time lag. The netbooks now come with android operating system. These netbook androids have excellent user interface and pretty useful apps.

Both notebooks and netbooks have changed the way we live in unimaginable ways. It all depends on what you need and choosing the right one for you.

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