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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kids computer: How a netbook Android can be a boon for your child?

If you are doing your office work without taking help from the computer, then you are living behind the times. If your child is not using the internet for his day-to-day studies, then he may suffer from certain disadvantages when pitted against rival students. In this age, you have to accept technology and incorporate it to your mundane routine to make life more convenient. Even the school-going kids are now living in a competitive environment. Before they leave their teens, they are harassed by thoughts about their careers and the competitive job sector. In the wake of all these, it becomes vital that the child’s initial education and upbringing takes place in the best possible manner.

Computers have become essential for everyone including the students. You do not have to spend oodles of money for bringing your child a kids computer. They come pretty cheaply and will all the required tools & software that will help him in his studies & projects. Mini laptops are smaller than your average laptops and can be taken to schools and colleges. Even though cynics prefer the conventional textbooks, there is no harm in taking help of technology if it’s for the betterment of the child’s knowledge. 

For example, when a chemistry teacher is explaining the process of preparation of Hydrogen gas, she will be able to drive her point better if she can take the help of internet. Netbook Android computer helps a great deal in educating the young mind. Teachers can show the entire process of formation & evaluation of Hydrogen gas with the help of a video which can so easily be found online. This will indeed make explaining easier. Besides, students tend to pay more attention & interest to studies if netbook Android and mini laptops are being deployed. A child’s mind is a fickle thing. It will run away from pictures illustrated on a textbook but will get drawn towards onscreen videos which will appear fascinating to him.

While designing kids computer, the companies take into account a few things. Firstly, they ensure that these computers are very small and light. Thus any difficulty which a child may find in carrying these gadgets is eliminated. Secondly, the companies pay special attention to the size of the images and words. Mini laptops may have smaller screens but the size of words will be larger to help the student community. Thirdly, the general notion is to come up with alluring designs and themes. So, while buying a kids computer, you will always find plenty of colors and designs to choose from.

Fourthly, these computers need not have advanced features or tools which are required only by professionals. But all the basic software including MS- word and MS-excel are mandatorily included in all notebooks, tablets and computers. A netbook Android is a more sophisticated version and enjoys stunning features like capacitive touchscreen, faster speed and good memory. They also have in-built games which are meant to educate the child besides entertaining him. 

These computers, despite all their features and benefits, are priced as low as $99 or even lower.


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