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Sunday, 30 December 2012

6 great features of netbook computers and cheap netbooks

This is the 21st century world which runs on gadgets and gizmos. Screen is fast replacing pages; E-books are taking over conventional books and onscreen learning is substituting traditional method of learning. So, robbing your child of netbook computers would be harsh of you and may do a lot of damage to his academy & career. While buying an Android tablet, always make sure to buy it from a well-known company. Since it is a one-time investment, you must not shy away from spending a bit more if the situation so demands. However, be rest assured, since a top-class supplier always charges reasonable and genuine prices and never taxes you unconditionally.

The sophisticated modern-day cheap netbooks are loaded with great apps and stuffed with excellent features. All of them make your investment seem a really minuscule one. Here are 6 special and noteworthy features of these mini gadgets:

Light and mobile: An Android tablet is really very small and only marginally larger than a cellular phone. It, therefore, goes without saying that they are extremely mobile i.e. portable. This is one major advantage for kids who find them convenient for carrying them to schools and, later on, to colleges. Smaller size and thinner body imply that they do not have many pounds. So, they enjoy higher portability than the average-sized laptops.

Designed to cater to the student community: As a parent, you would be delighted to know that the manufacturers have designed these gadgets to cater basically to the student community. Though even adults can use it occasionally, most of the apps are custom-made for children. So, you may find here a few things which you don’t get in your conventional laptops. Also, programs which are of no use to children or students may not find a place in these netbook computers.

Very very cheap: Another reason why parents don’t mind buying these for their kids is that they do not cost them much. You don’t need to set aside any major amount of fund to buy these cheap netbooks. Since, the body and screen are smaller than traditional computers and only the basic apps are present, the companies are very willing and eager to offer them at incredibly low prices. 

Eye-friendly: Some parents are concerned that regular exposure to screen at such a young age may be detrimental to the eyes. Realizing the significance of this concern, the companies these days make very eye-friendly gadgets. For instance, an Android tablet has protective screen with adjustable light. Plus, its heavy fonts and large images have received strong approval from people all over the world.

Attractive: Netbook computers can be really cute, colorful and attractive. One can get them in an array of themes depending on the child’s gender & age. This is another way to make your impish kid sit and learn.
Play & learn: These cheap netbooks also contain interesting games which may seem like videogames to a young one. But as a parent you would be content, since these challenging games will increase his abilities, hand-eye coordination, speed, stamina and riddle-solving abilities.

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