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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Android netbook: Benefits of notebook computer to the students

Computer first entered our offices, then they invaded our homes and now they are making it to the schools. Education has indeed come a long way. Gone are the days when teachers had to use chalks on the board and shout at the top of their lungs to drill the difficult concepts of physics and mathematics. Education is changing its gears very fast and is now largely becoming reliant on technology. Kids computer is becoming one of the basic necessities for school-goers. They find use for various purposes.

The teachers find it very convenient to use the audio-visual format of teaching in order to drive home their points. As a child, you need to understand that it becomes very easy to understand a complicated process if it is being shown on screen through a video, rather than if its image has been posted on a text book alongside hundreds of abstruse words. Plus, a mischievous young mind is more likely to be attentive if the teacher is explaining something over a notebook computer than over the blackboard. This is a psychological thing which you can try on your own! If there is a toddler at your home, then just give your cell phone (with the light and ringtone on) to him when he is howling and you will find, to your relief, that he shall stop crying instantly and would look at the gadget with inquisitive eyes.

Therefore, it is an excellent idea to gift an Android netbook to your young son or daughter. Not only will it serve as a great gift and will make the child happy, but it will also assist him in his academic life right up till his graduation. Kids computer help greatly when it comes to education. They are light and portable and can be carried to schools easily. The student can type out instructions and save them in separate files. For instance, a student can easily make a separate folder for, say, English essays and store them exclusively in that folder for future perusal. Some computers also have in-built dictionary which helps them to get their spellings & vocabulary right. Even grammatical errors are corrected with some tools. All these do help greatly in improving his linguistic skill and writing prowess.

Sharing of information also becomes easy. An Android netbook can be carried to schools, colleges and even to playgrounds or to a friend’s house. It is very simple and fast to share notes and to exchange data. The chances of losing the data are very small as compared to when the kids were using conventional paperback exercise copies.

 Another notable feature about a notebook computer is that it contains brain-stimulating games which can be enjoyed during leisure hour. They do give the students their daily dose of fun but at the same time they help develop mental faculties. It has been scientifically proven that playing videogames on a regular basis enhances the mental skills and memory of a growing child. 

Plus, there is the internet which is the endless treasure house of information and can help the student in every sort of way.

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