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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Kids computer: Is it advisable to gift a netbook Android to your child?

This is a long-waging debate and one which will be hard to end in the upcoming future. People from the old school harp on the fact that the children of today are fast losing their childhood because of an early introduction to mini laptops and kids computer! They argue that such an early exposure may be good for the brain but robs the child off many of the simple, innocent pleasures of childhood. They are not completely wrong but then the counter-argument also needs a look in.

The people from the new school say that a computer is a necessity in today’s tech age. Since we cannot survive without it, it will be useful if the person is introduced to technology right from his toddler days. It is unfathomable to even think of a highly educated person being a computer illiterate. Literacy in computers is one of the chief requirements for claiming any job. Plus, there is so much competition around. It would be naïve of a parent to keep their children completely away from gadgets like a netbook Android. 

If a person is unfamiliar with computers at the early age and tries his hand on them for the first time only after he crosses his teens, then it would be very difficult for him to stay in the race. Most of his peers and competitors will already be much more quick and efficient with these gadgets and will enjoy a certain advantage over him. Therefore, as a concerned parent, you can be in two minds. Should you gift a netbook Android to your son and help him climb the intellectual ladder or should you wait till he reaches a certain age? 

In reality, both the arguments are true. While computers are necessary and highly educative, they also come with certain demerits. Therefore, it is vital to strike the right balance. The ideal thing to do will be to buy kids computer. They are made especially for the children and contain only those applications & tools which will be useful to them at home or in school. The companies have done a laudable job in ensuring that most of the harmful elements are done away with in such mini laptops. For instance, smaller screen and larger fonts ensure that the child’s eyes are least affected and put under minimum strain. 

Also, you must keep the gadget under your custody and give it to your son or daughter only for limited number of hours during the day, before collecting it back at night. This is an essential step which drills discipline into the kid’s mind and prevents him for becoming obsessed with the gadget. It also prevents harmful consequences like inactive lifestyle or late-night surfing. 

So, as a conclusion, one can surmise that kids computer is certainly a necessity in today’s age. In fact, even schools and teachers recommend the use of mini laptops for better education & understanding. Besides, they help faster growth and strengthen the person’s intelligence. But to encounter the detrimental effects, it is vital that you put certain restrictions of usage & timings.

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