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Friday, 16 March 2012

When Buying a Good Mini Laptop

A laptop is the need of the day, whether you are a working professional, a housewife or a student. Laptops provide improved accessibility & connectivity and the freedom to stay prepared no matter where you are. While many prefer smart phones to stay connected, no one can argue with the functional advantages offered by a laptop. But laptops are costlier & bulky devices making it cumbersome to carry around everyday. For greater portability mini netbooks have been found to be a better & more cost effective option. A notebook computer as its called is the new generation device that offers lightweight “carry around on the go” option to users. The compact technology of netbooks make them easier to use & also have simplified functionalities.

Netbooks are mostly preferred by students who do not wish to carry around heavy laptops in campus.  With these mini laptops they can still use the most basic functions while being able to carry the device easily. Most of these mini netbook come with Wi-Fi accessibility helping students stay connected online in their campus & libraries. USB & Ethernet ports are also available in these. While some may lack DVD drives one can easily buy an external one if they require the use of DVDs/Blue-rays. But other than that mini laptops are stacked with all the essential features that any student would require. 

If you are wondering what else you’d need to check in a mini netbooks, here’s the list:
·         OS: the operating system is the interface that allows you to talk with your computer. All the applications you use depend on the type of OS you use. While students prefer the Linux OS for its versatility naïve users would like to have the good old trusted Windows OS. So before you buy a notebook computer either check if it’s got the OS you are comfortable with or ask the vendor to load the same.

·         Memory: this is the second most important thing to look out for. Check the memory both primary i.e. RAM & the hard disk size before you buy a netbook. The RAM maybe of 1-2GB while the HD can be extended to suit your needs. You can always attach an external hard disk of 500GB/1TB.

·         Battery backup: Of what use will a mini laptops be if it runs out of battery in a few hours? Most of the 3-4 celled netbooks face this issue so try & choose one with 6 cells. However if you are okay with carrying around the charger & mostly take your laptop to school, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

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