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Friday, 16 March 2012

Laptops & Tablets : an Increasing Necessity

For any good businessman staying updated is a key to grabbing success. No matter where you are, if you wish to succeed in your field, you need to stay updated on every development & change in it. to be taken as someone reputed & a person of importance you should always have every news & updates on your fingertips. And how would you that? Of course by staying connected with your network 24X7! What about your business tours & stays abroad? As much as one earns international calls are not a very ideal or even secure way to stay updates. You need security & also prompt alerts & nothing better than the internet can provide you with the same. Hence laptops are a must have device for everyone who wishes to succeed in this era. And the latest device to hit this era is the Android netbook which makes the laptop like a bulky headache!

Instead of buying just about any Android netbook opt for a good tablet device with the best operating system you can get. Be it an Apple iPad or Google’s Nexus, tablets are here to stay & the sooner you get one for yourself the better. Android is the smartest OS around and no matter what Apple fans tell you, Android shall always stay ahead with it’s open license & the plethora of options it provides to developers.  But before you pick a tablet PC, here is what you need to know about them first.

Tablet PCs are nothing but smaller laptops with the ease of portability & reduced paraphernalia attached. You won’t have mice, keyboards etc attached are these are provided by a touch-sensitive input interface. These small tablet PCs-hence the name, are easy to carry around & possess most of the features of a normal laptop. Apart from the optical drive & larger displays Android tablets lack nothing that could hinder your accessibility & computing powers. Most of these new age tablets boast of 800MHz to 1GHz of processing power. Voice & face recognition softwares, hi-end features like video conferencing & Wi-Fi connectivity make these tablets a very handy device to have.

The only problem with these tablets also called cheap netbook is that one need to get used to the smaller displays to be able to fully utilize the devices. Once a user is habituated to these touch-sensitive displays, they can easily navigate around & install and use as many apps on their tablets. The best thing about Android tablets is that you can visit the Android store & get any app that you desire. There are many applications designed & distributed by developers for free, that will help enrich your business needs & make your life easier. If you are not very sure about handling a tablet PC yet, its recommended you buy a cheap tablet first to get habituated to it. Visit Wolvol.com today to pick a cheap netbook & get used to the world of Android.

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