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Friday, 16 March 2012

Why Opt for Android Computers?

The buzz word in today’s technology driven era is Android. Everyone seems to be either commenting on it or complementing this new OS. Android is a simple & easy to use, very flexible operating system mostly based on Linux & Java that is used in most of the smart phones & tablets we see today. Android computers are the rulers of the market & whether you are tech-savvy or a naïve user, you’d find android very easy to use indeed. The catch with Android is the immense amount of flexibility one gets with the apps. Applications to run on Android devices can be developed by any average programmer & once it’s tested & verified these apps can be easily downloaded from online stores & used on your Android tablet or phone. There is an app for everything under the sun. need to keep track of your meetings? Need an app to edit your pictures…check weather etc, you name it & suer enough someone would have developed it already!

Enough said about the pros of Android. Now coming to the Android tablets & their functionalities; like most computing devices there are many factors that build a good tablet PC. One needs to know of the processing power, memory & OS before they buy any tablet be it an Android Computers or a Windows based one. While a 1GHz processor is ideal, most tablets give 600 MHz processing capabilities. While this is okay for normal use, for heavy use one needs higher processing or else they will experience a slower system.  And if you are looking for cheaper option then Linux will serve as a better OS than opting for an expensive Windows license. However this totally depends on what kind of user you are. For naïve users Windows is always a preferred choice. The RAM of the computer should be somewhere between 512MB to 1GB, the later being better if you wish to use a lot of apps & still have a faster system.

3G enabled tablets are a better choice if you want to stay connected always. However going for a cheaper, only Wi-Fi enabled Android netbook or tablets is also great if your area has a lot of hubs. For students an Android computer with Wi-Fi connectivity is advisable as most colleges & schools have their own LANs. Also the kind of screen you pick depends on yourself-capacitive screens are more common while some use resistive screens. There’s not much difference in prices of these Android tablets based on screens, it’s only a matter of comfort.

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