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Friday, 16 March 2012

Why Android Tablets Rule the Market

Google’s Android Os has taken the market by storm & left no room for competition. Tablets became popular with Apple Inc launching their iPads. But with their higher cost iPads remain a coveted device & on the wish list of many ordinary consumers. Hence with the launch of Android tablets a new era began. Now all & sundry could hold a smart device & avail its benefits. But with that the competition increased among mobile phone & tablet manufacturers & now there is a strong market for these tablets. For an ordinary buyer it will be a very tough decision to pick any tablet given the number of choices offered. There are so many factors to take into account when gifting or buying an Android computer. However here we shall discuss the essential ones that will help you buy a cheap & yet good quality tablet.

The screen size matters a lot. Never adjust with a small screen if you are having trouble reading from the device. Most Android tablets come with 5-10” screens. The wider the screen is the costlier it is yet the more clarity you get the better is the usage. So settle for a screen size that you are comfortable with. Today most devices are touch-input i.e. they are either resistive or capacitive screens. While there isn’t much of a difference in their prices, it depends on the user to pick one from the other depending on their comfort level. However always opt for a multi-touch screen that allows you to zoom in to pictures as well web pages in small font. When picking a resistive touch screen phone always check for a stylus-holder. A stylus is a good idea when you are using a resistive screen.

We buy smart phones & tablets with the sole purpose of multitasking. Hence it’s important to have a good user interface in the tablet that shows all the apps running in the background & lets you pick any at a single touch. So select a good Android tablet which has an easy to use panel for better navigation. Coming to networks, a good tablet with 3G connectivity is always a good idea. With 3G you can make video calls & have faster data connectivity. As such ensure that your tablet has a front & a rear camera. The front camera maybe of low resolution say 1MP but te rear cameras usually come with 3.2-5MP. For a smart phone or a Android computer that should be enough. For anything higher you can always buy a digital camera! 

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